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Mostly Pix - Playtime


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Five 30-count mesh bags, in three colors of mesh:




A 15-count mesh bag:


This is from Marblebert's auction description of the 30-count bags:

Playrite / Jackson

"Playtime" Bag

This is from Marblealan's description of the 15-count bag:

I'm unsure which company made this bag; the only other packaging of which I'm aware using the term "Playtime" is a rare box from Cairo Novelty Co., though it is not known if they also packaged their marbles in net mesh.

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Now to really confuse you, look at these that I have. Different color header on one; a couple Playday labels that are similar plus a newer Playtime pkg (there are a variety of these latter one swith different locations - may not be related to older Playtime but might be an older jobber or toy company used name...?)





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