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Muslin bag full of clay marbles:

(click to enlarge)


That was in a Bob Block auction last month. He had this to say:

NON-GLASS HANDMADE. Original package. An exceptionally rare item. This is an original muslin bag of clays from the Albright Company. The box is printed at the top "1000 - No. 16". In the center is the logo "Albright Brand Toy Marbles Full Count Made in U.S.A.". The bag was cut on two different occasions at the top, probably to inspect the marbles. The two cuts are sealed with two different kinds of thread or string. I have not opened it, but the bag is filled to bulging and No. 916s would be dyed clays. This is an exceptionally rare item. Albright packaging rarely comes up for sale. 10-1/2" x 8-1/2".

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What are the dates for the Albright company?

Would these "American commies" have been Albrights in 1933?

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Update: It appears that J. E. Albright was making clays in 1933. The Thomas' Registry dates for the J. E. Albright company are 1918 to 1937. See American Marble Companies, 1905-1942, at AkronMarbles.com for additional Albright listings and more information regarding the meaning of Thomas' Registry dates.

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Here is a box from an old IAMC show report. The original thread isn't here anymore but I saved the picture. (Don't know whose it is.)

(click to enlarge)


It's a 25-count, No. 0 box for "glass marbles". Stencilled above the pastedown label is the word "Professional".

Handwriting at the top of the label says "No. 31 Two Color".

Is it known what Albright brand glass marbles looked like?

Update: The box with marbles inside is up for auction now (Feb. 2009). I don't at present know if anyone else knows whether the box was backfilled.

(click to enlarge)


Some discussion: Albright / Cac's @ Morphy's

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Everytime I look at that 1933 ad posted I see something I missed the last time.

Albright's 2-color glass marbles were in there. $1 would get you 500 in a muslin bag. Yes, 5 for a penny.

(click to enlarge)


When I asked about Albright and glass marbles at LOM it was said most likely Albright was the distributor not the maker. Who might have made these two color marbles? The names mentioned as possibilities that time at LOM were Christensen, Akro, Alley, Master and Ravenswood.

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It seems to be so ... that Albright distributed CAC's. I'm still not clear on how, when and why.

and, yeah, no 'w' on Rainbos. Those would be the Pelts in the next item down. Galen said the ad was from 1933. Someone else pegged it as Butler Bros. if I remember correctly. guess I should dbl check. [Edit: I think it was from G. Sommers & Co, of St. Paul]

Every time I look at this ad freshly I find something new to me. Check out the reference to '"professional" glass onyx marbles' at the top. With 'snappy colors' in the 'fancy resale' Favorites box. The way "Professional" is used supports Charles' explanation in the Albright / Cac's @ Morphy's thread, i.e., that "Professional" was part of the sales pitch ultimately to impress the kids.

74 cents per dozen boxes, 16 marbles per pox = 192 mibs for 74 cents = about 2.6 mibs per penny wholesale. And in big bulk bag, as opposed to the fancy Favorites box, the 2-color mibs were 5 per penny wholesale. Those could easily be the same mibs I think. That difference in prices could be accounted for by bulk and lack of special packaging.

Brian said those were not hand gathered prices, but this is 1933. Christensen was out of business yet Butler Bros. [edit: Sommers & Co.] is still offering Christensen boxes, and saying the contents have 'snappy colors'. So is it possible that was Depression era clearance sale prices for Christensens? Seems like it could go either way, gob fed mibs from the new swirl makers Ravenswood or Alley, yet with the 'Favorites' connection still a possibility of fire sale CAC's.

final reflection (for now ;-) ... Onyx doesn't seem to equate to slags here. The ad writer used 'onyx' freely, even "multicolored" onyx over in the Berry Pink / Rosenthal double compartment bag.

(click to enlarge)


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Turns out he lives about an hour's train ride from me, in the hinterlands north of Chicago . . .  and he cooks great ribs.  And chilli.  (I've been twice).

The marble hag herself with the Albright box.  Pic will self-destruct in an hour . . .



Albright box.JPG

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Ohmigosh, that's tiny.  

... I always have that reaction when I see a box again, after seeing them on the computer screen ... even my own little Vitro box ....



mmmmm .... chiliiii ......

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