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I may come back and edit this to make it sound more "official"!

But I want to say now, if you have any eggheady stuff you'd like to add in here, feel free. happy.gif

Any projects you'd like to tinker on as you feel inspired.

Pictures from your marble digs.

Example pix in any germane category!

Pontil studies.

Slag color studies!

"Lessons" about your favorite marbles.

Unusual marble references you think worthy of note, and worthy of not ending up on the back pages as fast as they would in chat.

Your own lists of useful links! (My W.I.P. will thank you, because it is still debating what to include.)

Or ... ?

I'm sure there won't be a stampede to post! tongue.gif

But you're welcome anytime.


p.s. If you want to follow-up on any existing topics, it's okay to bump threads in general. Or start a new one, whichever you prefer.

But if someone is working on a technical thread and you aren't sure whether it's open for discussion, play it safe. Start your own thread for the follow-up or check with the author to see if it's okay to add to theirs.

p.p.s. It's always okay to bump my threads. Good for their circulation. ;-)

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There's always a way to make every situation a "win / win." Thanks to Chris for the idea and Lou for saying, "Hey, that can work!!!"

I look forward to visiting, Steph!! And, based on the responses I personally received after my "There used to be a day...." post, I think there will be more visits and posts here than you may think...

I apologize for the frustration I vented upon you last week.... I just wanted to stop the madness and I didn't know how...


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