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I now realize this will never be "everybody". It's not even all the threads and names on board yet, though. So I'll keep looking!

See also the Glass Addiction forum, http://glasswizzards.yuku.com.

Here is a list at Glass Addiction of contemporary marble makers. Trying to keep it current. Around 400 names at present. Do have a few more names to add already.

How many names would I have had ...

Contemporary Artists:

Wide-ranging displays and discussions:


How Interested Are You In Contemporary Marbles?

Furnace Vs. Lamp?

Wheaton (nj) Marble Show, It's not JUST contemporaries!!!

Glass Addiction: What is a Filigrana ? (Nifty discussion of cane styles)

Brian Bowden: Marble & Glass Demos - Brian is a major collector and moderator of Glass Addiction. These is his gallery with photos of glass artists at work.

Glass Addiction: Marbles from 2009

Glass Addiction: Glassmaking communities

Unidentified Contemps:

Watermelon?? (sulphide)

NOWHERE NEAR COMPLETE LIST OF NAMES. Trying to decide whether to delete all the names I don't have links for because it looks sort of cluttered, and the list will never be complete. But having trouble committing to deleting names. :-)

James Alloway:

Michael S. Barton:

I Got Bit Buy The Copperheads Too!, Mikey's Copperheads

Bit By The Copperheads Again!

Mikey Barton's Marbles......., are Da BOMB!! (original pix are gone; Mike shows one in Post #6.)

Artsy Fartsy Bartsy Marbles, new ones

"bocciballs", by Michael Barton

Everybody Needs Some!, Check out my new Mikey Barton's Marbles!

Folded Swirls, trying to learn my new camera

Sunshine And Aventurine, a good combo

Got Mica ?, mmm ... sparkly

Mike Barton's First Tornado With Mica

I Finally Got Some Time

See also: Barton Art Glass Works

Troy Bennett:

Laura Berretti:

Strange Marble...

See also: Marbled Marbles at Land of Marbles

Jerry Capel:

Mark Capel:

Andy Davis:

Delilah Davis:

Jeramy ?:

Jim Davis:

Rick Davis:

Steve Davis:

Mike Edmondson:

I Finally Got Some Time

Douglas Ferguson:

Jody Fine:

Drew Fritts:

Ashley (Genovini) Galaites:

In My Top 5 Favorite Contemporary Collection

John Gentile:

Misha, Matt and Brishen Giesler:

See also: Eugene Rain

Mike Gong:

See also: ... through the fume (his blog)

Brian Graham:

The only one outside of captivity......

See also: The Akron Marbles Store

Sara and Andy Gregorich:

Greg Hoglin:

J. R. Hooper:

Other Side Of The Coin. (miniature marbles)

Sammy Hogue:

Trying To Find

Marco Jerman:

See also: Jerman Art Glass

Zach Jorgenson:

Marble Player Contemp

See also: Lazuli Flux

Chris and Lissa Juedemann

Furnace Vs. Lamp? (see Post #6)

See also: Glass Kitchen Studio

Penny Kelley:

Jerry Kelly:

Robert LaGrand:

Ray Laubs:


Do You Have Any?

Rays Sulphides

Robert Livezey:

John McCormick:

Shamrock Rocks

Shamrock Marbles

Some Late Kc Pictures (picture of John and his machine)

Blue Ray...no Way....????

Nadine MacDonald:

Steve Maslach:

Mark Matthews:

Snapshots From Kc Marble Show 2007

John Hamon Miller:

Kevin Nail:

Contemp Collectors

Filigranos... And Some Others

See also: Kevin's gallery at GlassArtists.org

Shannon Norris:

Jerry Park:

A Couple Of New Contemps., Any ideas?

Kris Parke:

Scott Patrick:

George Pavliscak:

Pavliscak Studios Live Auction - Sunday Feb 25th 5pm, Marbles and other cool stuff

See also: Pavliscak Studios

Michael Petura:

Is Clear A Color ?

Surfs Up !

Gallery: World's Best (Modern) Guineas

Julia Powell:

Trying To Find

Gregg Pessman:

Steve Powers:

Ro Purser:

Chris Robinson:

David Rosenfeldt:

Josh Sable:

David Salazar:

The Mailman Has Arrived

Contemp Experts??, Any idea who made this one??

Joe Schlemmer:

See also: MadManMarbles

Kelly Schmidt:

Who Did It?

Eddie Seese:

Eddie Seese Rainbow Twister (for Sue)

See also: Eddie Seese Art Glass Marbles

Josh Simpson:

New Purchase, Josh Simpson paperweight

Josh Simpson Planets

See also: Josh Simpson Contemporary Glass

Paul Stankard:

Bo Stiff:

Marble Mail

Loren Stump:

See also: Stumpchunk Gallery

Bill Tow:

Bt Marbles On Ebay...., Not an everyday opportunity!!!


Bill Tow Marbles!! Wooo Hoooo!!!, Ya Gotta Luv'em!!

See also: MARBLELAIRIUM and Bill Tow's Gallery at GlassArtists.org

Teign Valley Glass:

Any info on this House of Marbles handmade Vacor?

See also: House of Marbles & Teign Valley Glass

Tom Thornburgh:

Kenen Tiemeyer:

Kenen Tiemeyer! What A Class Act!

See also: Kenan Tiemeyer's gallery

Chad Trent:

Daniel Trilli:

Daniel Trilli

Brice Turnbull:

See also: Hammerlane Glass

Tim Waugh:

Rolf and Genie Wald:

Jane Walker:

Travis Weber:

Travis Weber Marbles

How Interested Are You In Contemporary Marbles?

Some Pictures Of My Latest Marbles

See also: Weber Glass

Steve Willis:

What Kind Of Peltiers Are These? (Cosmic Storm in Post #3)

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