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As usual, this is a work in progress. I still have a few links to add, but there may be many I have overlooked. All corrections and additons are appreciated. And in this case, I enthusiastically encourage you to create more threads for me to add to the list! I would love to see more of those old ads.

Note: LOM in front of a link indicates that the linked page is hosted by LandOfMarbles.com. MM indicates a link at Marble Mental. KC is the Kansas City Marble Collectors Club. Akron is AkronMarbles.com. "See also" will direct you elsewhere on the world wide web.

Wide ranging discussions and examples

Akro Timeline

Ad Heaven

Catalogs, brochures, company mailings, etc.:

Howde They Get This One By Me (Ravenswood Catalog mention)

Ravenswood Catalogs, authentic or Repro?

Mostly Pix - Ravenswood (Pix from one of the auctions in the preceding link.)

Some Onyx Marbles For Sale, "CHEAP!!" (1933 ad)

Green Brick?? (scan from 1920's Montgomery Ward catalog in Post #29)

There was a mention once of discussion of old catalogs seen in a Holland museum.

Akron: What exactly is an Akro Agate Imperial (Source of the photo in the preceding link)

Akro Ades, And Some Misconceptions.... (Akro catalog pages in Post #9.)

More Marble Mail!!! (Akro ad in Post #11, from the same catalog?)

MM: PeeWee Master Made Marbles (Reference to 1932 MM ad shown in American Machine-Made Marbles)

KC: New Marble Catalogs (Vacor, Mega, House of Marbles)

Akron: Image of brochure for "The New Akro Carnelian" (See more on Akronmarbles' Akro Agate Co. page.)

Vienna Vitros !!!

Blackies ad shown in many threads:


Promotional Packaging:

Starkey-Klicker (discussion)

MM: Free Marbles! (A treasure trove of promotional packaging!)

(see also Original Packaging thread ... will probably import some of those links here later)

Printing on marbles:

Printed Marbles (where to get them)

Logo Marbles??? (Sistersville Fest marbles)

Rare!, & unusual (Advertising Sulphide, Samuel Brothers of London)

CATS?, New or old shooters, or Germans? (German Sparkler in Post #19 says Bonux)

MM: Is the Porcelfrit question settled?

Golden Rule marbles:

A classic with several incarnations, sometimes used in advertising, sometimes not.

Dilemma (References broken links; I'll try to smooth that out)

Other cool items:

Sam Dyke Miniature Jugs....

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