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... and maybe 1934 ... The Chicago World's Fair, A Century of Progress.

A marble shooter:

post-279-1186371979_thumb.jpg post-279-1186371987_thumb.jpg post-279-1186371992_thumb.jpg

Auction description:

Rare C.o.P. Marble Shooter MISCELLANEOUS, Marble Shooter. Very rare marble shooter Metal marble shooter. Painted red. Spring loaded shooter. Has a label on it for "1933 A Century of Progress Chicago". 4-1/4" long.

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A Master Marbles bag from a Block auction:


Auction description:

MASTER MARBLE/GLASS COMPANY. Marble Pouch. Master Marble rubberized textile pouch from the Century of Progress in Chicago in 1933. Depicts The Marble House with the two toy soldiers next to it. Some rubbing loss of the graphic. This would be the pouch from the medium or small size box. This pouch is very rare. Usually, the pouches are leather (leather would have been cheaper to produce than rubberized textile back then). 5" x 3-1/2". Near Mint. Circa 1933.

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This link has some pix of College Collection boxes from the fair.

This link has a rare bag from the fair. Note that it says, Visit Master's House of Marbles. . . . p.s. the bag has a shooter which looks like it could be of the sunburst variety!

Somewhere I've read a description of Master's House of Marbles. I could barely believe it when I read it. I really need to find that! Anyone here have it?

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Yup, John had it. That's where I'd seen it before, his postcard of "the Master Marble House on the Enchanted Island", which he has now so nicely added here. happy.gif

The pre-written note on the back says,

Just visited the Master Marble House, and gee, it's sure a great sight. Just think, it took millions of marbles to build it! Masters are some marbles. Better get some so we can play when I get back home.

The drawing of the house says "Master Marbles Shop" on it. I guess you'd go into that bubbly glass building and buy your College Collection sets and who knows what all!

Talk about a hefty advertising budget! My next question is how long did the house of marbles stand?!

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