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Links: Jabo-Vitro Agate


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Standard disclaimer: Not complete, suggestions are welcome.

Jabo-Vitro Agate, Inc. (1987-present)

See also Original Packaging

Also check out Jabo Land: http://anythinggoes43567.yuku.com/

Tour Report:

LET'S ALL GO TO JABO !!!, Factory Tour

Various examples and discussions:

Old Jabo's

Peltier Or Wv Swirl? (info about Jabo sizes in post #6)

Jabo's Last Run!!!, TERRIBLE News!!!

The Beauty Of Jabos

Very Colorful ! How Could You Not Like These!


Attention Citizens Of Planet Earth, Killer Jabo Hurtling Through Cyber Space !!!!

Pretty Jabos

New Fall 2006 Jabo One Inch Marbles

N E W Jabo's Nov. 2006! Give Me An R And A ... (The original pix are gone, but there's some interesting discussion.)

O6 Jabo 1 Inch

Whats Not To Like .......

MM: jabo 06 fall classics

MM: Rare Jabos (Jabo "Extraordinaires")

The New *popular American Marbles* Book Is Out, I recieved my copy today (Some Jabo history)

Bocci (many exotic examples, and a neat display of differences between same run marbles)

Vintage Marble Pics (Jabo discussion starting in post #4)

Jabo Camo (2006 examples in post #2 and post #3)

Is It What He Claims??

MM: Jabo Cullet?


Did Jabo Inherit The Parrot Machines?

Identification Help

Different patterns which show up in Jabos:





Jabo Names:

Quick Question To The Experts., a "Factory Mint" component to my burgeoning collection. (Tie Dyes in Post #5)

Attention Citizens Of Planet Earth, Killer Jabo Hurtling Through Cyber Space !!!! (pix gone, but has some Planet Earth history)

Jabos I'm Guessing (Jabo Rebel? Why Rebel with those colors?)



Jabo Land has an ever-growing list of examples: The first (unofficial) jabos w/ names (on-line) reference guide (Not quite complete wink.gif but very nice)

Post Classics:

Jabo Joker Marble Pics


Collectors Sets:

Snoopy Collector Set

(and yes there are other sets!)

Beer Can Jabos:

Metallic Marbles?

Beer Can Jabos (2007 Budweisers)


Very intentional in marbles made in 2008, but it has also been seen in Classics

2 Sisters And A Cousin (or Half Sister)

Jabo Jokers (the marbles here are pre-Joker, from 2003)


Jabo Or Someone Else??

Logo Marbles:

Printed Marbles

Special Sets:

Radioactive Jabo (Fluorescent run of Ten Commandments sets.)

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Post Classics!

Well, there have been a whole lot more threads on this. Time to start gathering them up!

In the meantime, check out Jaboland!


Okay, starting to gather now. Any recommendations? This is going to be be slow if it's just me doing the searching.

October 2008: Jabo Tributes

January 2009: Joe Hogue Box

June 2010: What A Tribute 1" Run Pictures!

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