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Check out the side of this box, where it says "Assorted Master Meteor Marbles". (ebay photos, of course, an auction which has run more than once since its reserve price wasn't met)

post-279-1190131199_thumb.jpg post-279-1190131255_thumb.jpg post-279-1190131295_thumb.jpg

The word "Meteor" is raised about the level of the rest. Would you say that means the "Assorted Master ______ Marbles" portion was a more permanent part of the press and the style name was interchangeable?

And then the word "Clearies" is stencilled on top. The stencilling seems to me as if it would have been done in a completely different time. To me it seems that the stencils would have been made specially, and they would have been made by someone who had given up on having pretty preprinted boxes for each style of mib, and was moving toward a more flexible, as-needed system of labelling. (And being practical, they were using their old preprinted boxes wherever needed, rather than throwing them away.)

Does anyone agree with that theory?

(And does anyone have any dates on that box style?)

Is this sort of question neat or dumb? I honestly don't know what anyone else will think about it ... but obviously I think it's sorta neat. :rolleyes:

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I don't have those type of boxes but have a couple pics of opals, clearies and meteor boxes with similar patterns. The logo in the middle of the box top sometimes has a different color. The opal box has OPALS stenciled on it. Doesn't have side views. Les had Meteor box pic and although it's at an odd angle, the word Meteor does look raised like the one you show. Your theory sounds reasonable. I would guess they used existing packaging for all marbles. I haven't looked at all my other Master box pics but, if I remember right, thee was a lot of stenciling of names on boxes.

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I was just showing some different style box covers, not the contents (unless they were in the picture). Here's some coves with contents in next pic (if they come out in order? - I noticed in the last post the pics didn't show in the same order I uploaded them?). First one is Les's Master Meteor Box of 100; then Box #0 of 100 Clearies; then box of Comets (100); the one called a Dealers Box No. 0 of 100 Clearies; and last another of Les's, a No. 1 Meteor Box.










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Al, I've also noticed that attachments don't always stay in the order I've uploaded them. There is an easy way to make them show up basically where you want them though.

If you go to Manage Current Attachments you get a dropdown menu and can choose pretty much exactly where they show up. Sometimes you might try to get them all to show up in a single line and they might stubbornly split off into two lines, but you can still put them in order and place them between explanatory lines of text and good stuff like that.

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Thanks so much for posting these wonderful Master packaging pictures. I've never seen the Uniques (marbles or packaging) in the wild and wouldn't have been able to identify the red, yellow, and white patches in your first post as Master Marble. Really fun graphics on the packaging!

Thanks again,


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