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Links: Cat's Eyes


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Other examples might be found in other links threads (i.e., Peltier, Vitro, marbles from outside the U.S., original packaging).

See also Original Packaging

Cat's Eyes:

Various examples and discussions:

Calling All Cat's-Eyes

Japanese Cat's Eye?, USA cat's eye? (Includes a link to a very long thread full of cat's eye pictures at Marble Mental.)

Cat With Stripes

Maybe It's Because I Was A Boy When These Were Made,, but I truly believe these are some of the most beautiful. (cat's eye prices)

Do You Know? I Don't! (number of vanes in cats by different companies)

Bunch "o" Cats


Antique Mall Find!!, WOO HOO!!


Florescent Catseyes


Weeekend Finds, How'de you make out this weekend


Vitro Caged Cats 7/8 & 5/8

Vitro Eight Fingers Vs Vitro/anacortes Colored Based Cage Cats

Anacortes Horseshoe Cat's Eye

One Incredible Vitro!, yep shamless plug too

Japanese Cat's Eye?, USA cat's eye?

Antique Mall Find!!, WOO HOO!!

Marble King:

Japanese Cat's Eye?, USA cat's eye?

St Mary's Cat's Eyes

MM: Question on Colors of St Marys Catseyes


Japanese Cat's Eye?, USA cat's eye? (Mountaineer Shooters package in post #6)


MM: Do you think this is Bogard?

Early Japanese:

A Old Dug Up Cats Eye Here In Australia, maybe rare? (not rare, but not a lot of pix of mibs like these, and these pix are nice :))

Id Help, Questions, Just Because, & Shameless Plug, All in one thread!!! (I think the peach base on that six vane style means that it is an early Japanese cat's eye)

Japanese Cat's Eye?, USA cat's eye?

Special configurations and vane numbers:

8 Vane Cat's-eyes

8 Vane Cat

Who Made This Cat's Eye


Is This A Pelt Or Master Cat Eye


Vacor Cats, often look like Vitros

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