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Mini Miggle Surprise


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Sue really surprised me with this special little gift that she and Bo made for me.

The box is just over an inch the big way, and the teensy marbles, with more detail than mine,

are less than 1/8". And it came with it's own custom-made marble bag, too. Sweet.

Thank you so much, Sue and Bo !

mike b.


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Whew!!! I'm just so glad that USPS got it goin' fast... I was worried about Mikey standin' out by that mailbox with the nasty weather rollin' in down in the southwest!!! ;)

It was awesome to be able to "Give Back" a little (no pun intended.... welllllllll, maybe just a teeny one.... Ahhhh, oooops!! :rolleyes: )

I believe those are the tiniest stitches I've ever done!!! And, I know how many tries it took Bo to get that box right...... :blink: It was a fun project!!! :D

You're so welcome, Mike!! Thanks for so frequently and humbly putting smiles on so many faces!!!


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Sue's right about the "extra" times to make that box.

I used the rejects as packing to send a box back to Sue. LOL!!!!!

Her tiny bag is just awesome ! I had it in hand.

I am VERY impressed!!!!!

Mike, you deserve it. That box you originally made was a killer to start with.

As fa as my marbles have ANYTHING more than yours..... well.........

You need to clean your glasses. hahahaha

You make awesome marbles. I just melt glass.

Glad you like it. U dun Gud Sue!!!

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Wow, you guys! The box and marble pouch and marbles are just great! I'm glad you made 'em for Mr. Miggles; sometimes I go to his website just to drool. Most people forget how satisfying drooling is by the time they are 3-4 months old but not me.

Never forgets,


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