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Citrus Sunbursts


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Do you think they could be modern?

If so, then they may be Vacor Sunsets. (Which imho are totally awesome marbles.)

My sunsets tend toward the reddish side of orange but I've seen pix of some which were almost white. Your mibs seem basically in the correct color range.


(the biggest one here is a whopping 1 5/16")

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I'm seeing some small structural differences between yours and mine, but my sample is very small. And I think I'm seeing some familiar debris under yours. So I'm definitely leaning Vacor.

Let's see what others have to say.

P.s., even if they are vacor, treat these nice. :) I think they might be "hard to find".

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Thanks for the quick ID on these. There is a lot of junk under the surface. If they are Vacor tho I think I will just let the children have them or outside decoration by my pool, unless they are worth a lot. I am still one of those hardcore Hand made collectors that is finding it hard to accept the machine mades.

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