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Reminds Me Of Candy


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It's tough to tell exactly what that core is... Is it solid color (transparent & opague) all the way around?? Or, are there openings in it?

If it is solid, it's kind've unique... I don't know that there is a huge collector base. But, I know one guy in Maine who looks for them and calls them "Tiffany Windows...."

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I have a few of those. I have been told that they are called Church Windows which I guess is the same as tiffany windows. I never heard anyone else call them that. I love it when handmades get a little attention!! I am posting a pic of my candy marbles for felicia.


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This marble is 13/16" and it was described as a 'German ribbon core with beautiful transparent jelly bands outlined in white and alternating yellow outer bands'.

The 'Tiffany Windows' sounds more elegant Sue. Candy works for me, seeing as I'm a chocoholic...lol

There are 4 separate bands, blue/green/blue/green with opaque white on both sides of each band.

All I know is that it looks scrumputous, didn't cost me my first born and I like it.

Those are gorgeous Joe! Just like candy.

Will have to be on the look-out for one of those too.

Wonder how many more look like sweet treats?


:-) Felicia

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Wow. Nice set of candies there Joe! I also like it when handmades get some of the limelight...as if I don't already spend far too much time staring at these little glass balls :icon_popcorn:

And Felicia, I agree that "Tiffany Windows" sounds best.

These ones make me think of candy..., although they're maybe more like a 'Willy Wonka' kind!




and they make me realise how much I love this hobby too!

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