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Marble King Berry Pinks


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I have a berry Pink that is white with a lobster tail type red and grey patch but, I have also seen some marbles called Berry Pinks by some collectors that are bluish with a red patch or string in them. Some are part translucent. Can someone clarify the difference or show some pics please?



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I have seen slightly different shades of colors,red,gray,blue,in the Berry Pinks. Some are opaque white with the colored patches and some are clear with the same patches or stripes. The clear ones here (locally) are called naked Berry Pinks. Most of the white opaque ones seem to have brighter or deeper colors. These may be the older ones as most companies in later years had to find a cheaper way to produce their marbles. A common way to cut cost was to cut color. Here (near St.Marys & Paden City),both styles are Berry Pinks and about the same value.

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