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Baby Peerless Patches Or Realers?


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What are your smallest peerless patches and acme realers?

Did they do anything weird in the smaller sizes?

I'm looking at a couple of little mibs with very snaky patches. One is a little under 17/32". The other is a little less than 9/16". The bases look tantalizingly like realer bases, butttttt they have a lot of clear. (edit: not crystal clear -- ever so slightly cloudy)

Where there is white it has a grain. The white in the smaller one only takes up about half of the base but it has a very feathery, pelty look.

The white looks practically transparent when backlit, and has an orange glow.

So, I want to call them realers, except that they have so much clear.

Sorry for no pic. My camera is still out of commission.

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Guest FeelingMarbleous

Heres my Peewees that i think are Pelts,

some may not be, not 100% sure......

The bigger ones measure on or just under 1/2 inch

The teen weeny is a Pelt Rainbo...


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So that's nice. There seems to be no objection to calling the little red one a realer. Noticing that the base on the one I'm looking at wasn't absolutely crystal clear made me feel better about that possibility. I imagine it would photograph even less like clear glass and would look even more "right" then.

The feathering inside is really cool.

Cute mibs, Kevin. I'm curious about the brown and yellow one. I wouldn't have guessed Pelt but I don't know who made it.

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Guest FeelingMarbleous

Thanks, i wasn't sure if they where all pelts,

but i only have so many peewees so they stay in there own group,

i have some others but i think they may be master or something else...

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