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Wales Mibs For Mike


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This brushed patch is the style which is known as Wales. (Pics below are from various posts and auctions. Some are clickable to enlarge.)



The name comes from this particular distributor's name:

Wales_Variegated_Al_sm.jpg Wales_Brushed_p21432.jpg


It should be noted that Wales sold other types:


And other companies sold what we call the Wale's type.



The small, usually single colored types are known by other names such as "Japanese pincher", "Japanese pincer", and "Mt. Fuji Peewee". They're in the "game marble" category:

Pinchers__poplarhead_mc4818_sm.jpg Pinchers_MultiColor_Block_sm.jpg


And for fun, here's a pretty one which was put up for i.d. The consensus opinion was Wales type.



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Wales are a japahese brand marble, then there are vacro marbles, and akro marbles..... which all can look the same as the master made marble brands and not only myself, but the pro collectors have ID the marbles wrong when selling them. There's great sites to ID marbles at, but none that are complete. Even the books are short and to the point. In all of my collecting I can say that there must be some really confused collectors out there for sure! Thanks Mike.

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