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  1. I posted this score on FB groups but forgot to put it here. My Thanksgiving feast and best score ever, all doused in mint. Seller and buyer were both pleasantly surprised by what they got. Having too much fun to sell/trade these right now but probably will bring some to the next show I can manage to attend. Here's bigger photos: https://imgur.com/a/s4zhu
  2. Corky and his brother Patch

    I am sober drinking coffee and standing by my assertion that somebody corked my patch. Or did they patch my cork perhaps? Edit: Found another matching cork and patch in same haul.
  3. Had my best score ever tonight of a lot of Akro marbles with multiples (same box perhaps) and noticed these two with similar colors and very faint aventurine. First is a patch and the second is a cork. Colors are difficult to photograph but I promise they have that "same run" feeling and both have the same very faint line of aventurine. Exact same size but I don't have my calipers, but a tad over 5/8". Is this evidence that somebody at Akro turned on the "corker" with the same batch of glass or is my third beer inspiring my imagination?
  4. If you can't afford the amazing MFC Fruity Zebra, he has a nest of dinosaur eggs up: https://www.ebay.com/itm/PREHISTORIC-DINOSAURS-FOSSIL-EGGS-LOT-8-IN-NEST-REPTILE-BIRD/282736995415
  5. what the..

    Later the buyer will show up at a marble show asking for appraisals of their vintage marble collection.
  6. Vitro Tiger Eyes

    Anybody find these in 11/16"? I have one tiger eye in 11/16" and it's gorgeous. I've seen bigger too but only one 11/16" in the wild for me.
  7. JABO special run peewees

    I can't find my calipers, but my eye tells me a few are 1/2" and most are a bit more than that, but maybe others who have them can chime in.
  8. I normally don't collect JABOs but these special run two-seam peewees caught my eye and, for $11.50, I caught them. Simply gorgeous and colors are very reminiscent of Master and Vitro with nice classic construction. I don't give JABOS enough credit so here's a nod of the hat to the makers of these.
  9. Funny moments in marble history

    I don't! I fear I am not very organized. Can't remember the source either.
  10. New marbles in the last few months

    Hah! I missed that one at first. How uncanny they'd mention orange peel...
  11. New marbles in the last few months

    Gorgeous! Here's a fun way to come up with names for mibs: https://labs.tineye.com/color/a3e4cca752658885b8bfa496def8de3edf3dfffc?ignore_background=True&width=250&color_format=hex&ignore_interior_background=True&height=237
  12. I bought one of these from eBay for $3.95 with shipping. Pros: Very cheap display or sorting option, especially for 1" marbles (you can also squeeze three 5/8" in each compartment). Flocked to provide protection and silence Black helps marble colors pop Compartments are spaced apart to allow you to roll around 1" marbles without knocking each other Roomy compartments make it easy to spin marbles around and get the best angle without touching neighbors. Cons: Flimsy. Must be very careful if trying to transport these filled with marbles. Joints can split if you bend them too much. Your mibs won't be aligned, which I know drives OCD types batty Marbles won't stay perfectly put where you put them. With the right support structure these might be good for sellers at shows who want more room for their mibs to be easily picked up or, manipulated without needing to be picked up.
  13. Now if only those banana lips would sing along.