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  1. I agree with you. The aggies look better than the glass marbles. They deserve a special place, too, so maybe in 20 years when I've gathered up enough aggies I'll exclusively use these boxes for them.
  2. Boulder ID

    I think Steph probably nailed it: https://www.billes-en-tete.com/detail.php?id=123
  3. Found his big cousin

    That's not cousin. That's big Daddy, or even Gramps. Gorgeous!
  4. Some boxes of La Aurora 1903 Edition cigars contain a flocked tray with eight rows that neatly hold mibs up to 7/8". The slots are concave (convex?) so the smaller mibs settle in and line up better. I recently scored two boxes off eBay or $10 each. Sellers typically ask for higher, but I just wanted to give my fellow collectors a heads up. Sometimes local cigar shops sell their empty boxes for a song. Edit: some of their boxes feature a torpedo shaped tray slots which would not work as well.
  5. Bob's answer makes the most sense at a glance. I'm still puzzled why I have so many 9/16" and under without purposely seeking them out (aside from my green one), but I assume back in the day the children adopted the peewees as marbles in the same way we adopted steelies.
  6. I wonder whether the peewees were harder to make? I cannot believe they were because it just seems like they would not sell as well, but still they are tiny so it's very impressive when you consider the way they made these.
  7. I finally got my first green dyed true peewee agate, and again I wonder why they would have taken the trouble to make these? We know hand cut agates required a lot of skill and labor, were highly prized as shooters, and were not affordable to most kids. So why make peewees? Were they cheaper? Was it the same reason we like them today, because they're cute and dainty and amazing?
  8. I use a sniping site partly because I like to put "tentative" bids on things in that site's interface, which I cannot do on eBay. Then as the auction end approaches I'll go back to my snipe interface and decide whether I really want to bid at all, or bid less or more. Quite often I change my mind and retract my potential bid entirely. Then when I'm satisfied, I can forget about it. For the casual buyer like me who rarely *really* wants something, it's fun to do it this way because quite often I am outbid, but sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised. The Ebay interface is too cluttered for me these days and I too have had problems doing last minute bids from desktop or mobile.
  9. How Is The Weather Where You Live Today?

    Gray. Snowing. Last week the plowed snow in the center of the street was 6+ feet high. I've only slid into a ditch once so no complaints! The feral cat outside whines a lot though. And no, I'm not adopting him.
  10. $868 ??

    Time to enter the Fantasy Box game!
  11. Post Some 9's

    A nine's a nine, even when a Bulgarian makes it.
  12. Yeah I suppose it's a little unfair for me to pick apart a site frozen in time. Alan was always learning too I am sure.
  13. My objection to it is while Master Sunbursts can be colorful, they certainly are not Akro Sparklers, and they often feature a lot of earth tones one does not find on onionskins. Whatever the case, they clearly intended on making bursts of color that especially look good in the sun.
  14. Marble Alan's site states that the Master Sunburst marble "appears to have been an effort to reproduce the handmade onionskin marbles of an earlier era". Alan's use of "appears" and lack of historical source for the statement appears to suggest speculation, so I was wondering whether there is a historical source for the statement?
  15. Same "run" patch variety

    Steph are you suggesting we're all just happy accidents who have rolled onto this Big Blue Marble from the conveyor belts of eternity? Speaking of which, I used to watch that show in the 70s around the time I had a sock full of marbles I kept losing to the bigger kids! I will never forget that theme song.