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  1. what is it?

    Interesting. The seller doesn't know what it is but it has to be worth $500 to $750. Ebay is like a thieves paradise. Buyer beware.
  2. $868 ??

    That price was probably paid just for the Lutz. It is an unusual color that Lutzheads look for.
  3. This has truly been a labor of love for Scott. I was lucky enough to be in on the 1st discovery of artifacts from the archives of Boys Town in Omaha, Ne. This set the course for Scott to further explore the VFW sponsorship of National Marble Tournaments. This exhibit has gone way past my expectation of what Scott was researching. I plan on buying the book and having it signed at the Kansas City marble show in March.' Roy Katskee
  4. Display Case

    You might try Phil Thomas in Newton, Iowa. He makes great boxes. He might have made some. Phil is usually at the Des Moines show in June.
  5. Scott, you deserve an "Oscar" for producing this video. It is a very important addition to our marble history. Congratulations. Roy
  6. Boy Oh Boy is it March yet?
  7. Frank Caudillo is a legend in Nebraska. I grew up in North Platte in the 40's & 50's and often hears people talk about him. I'm happy Scott was able to touch base with his family. I'm sure they appreciate it. Roy
  8. Their seems to be a process among glass bottle collectors to turn clear glass into purple or brown glass by a process called Irradiating the glass. It now seems a glass seller is currently doing this to German swirl & mica marbles as well. These are being passed off as authentic colored glass marbles. Does anyone have any information on this topic. b-80
  9. Need info on hand made

    It is a very nice looking Clambroth. Is it for sale?
  10. Marbles from a settlement

    Bob and Randy are absolutely correct. They are 80's contemporaries. Word has it that they appeared in a Florida flea market then migrated to a Chicago flea market, I first saw them in Amana, Boy would Les Jones get off knowing they are still out there. I can hear his voice now. b-80
  11. 2017 Des Moines Marble Show

    I would say it was average. Some things you can't control and walk in traffic is one of them. Chad advertises very well so it is not lack of effort. An array of dealers from across the country were present so it wasn't for lack of quality dealers. Roy
  12. Looking for Marble holder

    Try using flower frog holders. They can be bought for around $5. Also antique solitare game boards really work well. They are a little more expensive but hold up to 33 marbles. I usually take a few to shows and sell them any ware from $75 to &125 depending upon the size and decoration. b-80
  13. Kansas City is one of the best shows you can attend! Everything from soup to nuts was for sale. To those who left on Saturday you really missed out on items coming in late.
  14. Marble bag ???

    To answer your question on reverse color. Bag #1 is the shiny blue l on the back side. Much like yours. Bag # 2 is brown on the back side. Bag # 3 is red on the back side. Bag # 4 is a light tan. All four are have shoe strings as closures. All four are red on the front. There is no indication of maker. Roy
  15. Who is the funny looking looking guy in the black sweatshirt? It kind of looks like - it could be- it is "THE GROCK."