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  1. http://www.ebay.com/itm/11-16-AVENTURINE-PELTIER-GLASS-CO-REBEL-NATIOAL-LINE-RAINBO-VINTAGE-MARBLE-cc-/291551139886?hash=item43e1cd582e
  2. With A Name Like Marbledude

    I'm so sick of seeing this kind of drama in every marble forum I visit. In this case we have an admitted eBay Troll "my daily perusal of ebay" that is pissed because a seller blocked him and is associating another sellers listing to him. Do you think your doing sellers a favor by trolling on their auctions or have you been elected eBay marble police by the marble community? It's obvious that you don't apply your daily perusal of eBay on your own character. There are a lot of scumbag sellers out there ripping people off daily and taking advantage of new collectors, but this post shows your lack of integrity by associating an auction listing with a seller that blocked you and crying out loud like a little child. Please stop the cry baby antics and look in mirror once in a while. No man is good enough to govern another man without the other's consent.Abraham Lincoln
  3. With A Name Like Marbledude

    That is a Jabo Classic, but the seller of that listing is not marbledude it's thokus..??
  4. Post Your Peewees

  5. Post Your Peewees

  6. Http://www.ebay.com/itm/291184582041

    It's an Akro Oxblood Patch, but it's condition is more like NM- or below. The other pole would need to be Mint to hold a NM- grade.
  7. Just Picked Up Some Hitch Hikers

    That's awesome; good stuff.
  8. ♪math! Huh!...... What Is It Good For?♪

    This technology era that began in the mid 90's (computers & cell phones) is having a sweeping affect on everyone, but most noteably the 90's generation and above that are now young adults in their mid to upper 20's and math isn't the biggest concern, but their ability to communicate with each other. The best case for this is the senseless crimes being committed daily; killing each other over the simplest of things. I better stop because it's really caused by something removed before that in the name of freedom and rights.
  9. This Was News Today

    Wow, very interesting... Too bad I don't understand the language.
  10. 1934

    Thanks for sharing, Steph.
  11. I would let it slide regarding the feedback since you did received the product regardless of the circumstances, but it's definitely pretty dumb to ship a marble in a folded piece of paper. You would think if they charge $4 for shipping and handling that it would find it's way into a bubble mailer since it's only $1.64 to ship 1oz. Thanks for sharing this; based on your experience I'm avoiding this seller.
  12. Marbles