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  1. Metal flake in marble

    How much you want for it. Dennis
  2. Peltier Glass Toy Marbles Update

    Love my book for what i got with the great pics and very well laid out I think it was priced in our favor. Thanks Sam, Dennis
  3. Rebel or not?

    sorry rebel it is nice marble. Dennis
  4. Rebel or not?

    I thought that was a liberty, my monitor show white base red and blue ribbons. Dennis
  5. My first Marble picture

    That is in my opinion a place setter German peppermint swirl. Mica does about double the price that if it has mica so look close. Got two in fort worth the seller did not know one had mica. Any way nice place setter marble good going. Dennis
  6. Tom Jinks

    Our condolances to his family. Met him in fort worth show and bought some jinks marbles from him. This is sad Dennis
  7. Akro Prize Name Names

    Both very good posts thanks. Dennis
  8. Looking for Marble holder

    I use pistol and rifle cases with the egg crate foam, i can pick them up at garage sales very reasonable. I also use plastic marble holders as seen in pic u can buy on ebay. Dennis
  9. Good Morning

    Welcome to the mc Post away, Im not very good at ids yet but i learn alot from others pics. Lot of people here can id so welcome and have fun. Dennis
  10. test

  11. Good morning to all, congratulations to Tallnbald76 has won the contest with a guess of 217 marbles. Please pm your address to joesmarbles and i,hope you or someone you know will enjoy. And thanks very much to joesmarbles. There were 168 marbles in the tin. Nobody got the exact amount but i will donate the 10.00 to mc site. Hope you all had fun,keep coming back to the site and drop by allaboutmarbles as well. Dennis
  12. Bump Last day.. Dennis
  13. I would prefer to not change the rules mid-stream. Maybe on the next contest. The contest will end at the appointed time stated in the rules. Thank you for your comment though and I will keep that in mind for the next time. Thank you: Dennis