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  1. tallnbald76

    2"+ marbles

    Are you interested in selling it?
  2. tallnbald76

    German Marbles?

    yes the clambroth with the three different colors is a very nice valuable marble. I would say it is the nicest in the collection there by far.
  3. tallnbald76

    please visit www.glasmurmeln.com

    Your site is outstanding i enjoyed exploring it and have it booked marked on my computer now.
  4. Thank you all especially Dennis an Joe. I am very excited to get them. I think I will give most of them to my two neighbor boys who like to look at my marbles when they are over. Maybe it will get them into collecting them as well. That is of course after i take a few for myself.
  5. tallnbald76

    This Board

    I completely agree, I know I am relatively new to his board compared to a lot of the members who are on here, but I have found this is the best board out there for marbles. I check it everyday as well and also multiple times as well. I have been collecting marbles for quite sometime now, but i have gained much so much more knowledge from theses forums. We marble collectors are so far spread out compared to a lot of other types of collectors a board like this is invaluable as we are often isolated from other collectors and live to far from where they have clubs and marble meets. If donations are needed to keep this board going please let me know and I would be willing to help support. Thanks Doug
  6. 325 pounds is my guess. Cant figure out how to get the symbol on there.
  7. Never really cared much for reading so those are all in an old antique glass front book case figured i would put it to good use. Can't find the picture of the entire case so those are just some different shots of some of the shelves.
  8. tallnbald76

    Joseph's Coats

    i would personal refer to them as transparent as well. If you look at a Joseph coats the lines / bands generally tend to be very well defined with an even width the entire length except at the top and bottom for obvious reasons. They normally do not ave that blotchy smeared look to the colors like transparent and onion skins do. they will also not have empty space with in the colors. They will sometimes have empty space between the colors though like mentioned above most would refer to those as English swirls. Fr it to be an onion skin the colors have to be on another color usually white it will not have a clear base glass. Unless you have a "Ribbon core onion skin" but that is a whole nother game. Just imagine someone flattening out a onionskin marble them putting it into a marble.
  9. tallnbald76

    What Else Do You Collect Besides Marbles

    I collect old cast iron still banks. Cant afford the mechanical ones I already spend to much money on marbles which the wife does not complain about so don't want to push it. I guess I also collect a lot of wood working tools since that is my other hobby but I don't consider that collecting since I use them
  10. tallnbald76

    2 Sided Sulphide

    I have a fairly nice collection of sulphides in my marble collection and I can find most of them in the books. I do have this one that I acquired not to long ago that I can not find anywhere. It appears to be a two sided figure. The one side looks to be a rabbit and the other side looks like it is a hedge hog / porcine (never have been able to tell the difference between those two). Is this a know figure combination that is two close to being the same that nobody cares or is this an opps that the maker made a mistake on? Any help on this one would be appreciated.
  11. Couple of bags I picked up this weekend. First time I have had a chance to get one of the mail bags so I was pretty happy about it.
  12. tallnbald76

    Clear Swirls

    The second one in post #5 is a divided core and the third one is an onion skin. And yes the other two you are talking about are lutz, onion skin lutz to be specific.
  13. tallnbald76

    What Would You Call These?

    I would actually question if they are possibly newer. The color combinations does not look right especially the light blue the way it is. The colors look almost to vibrant or some thing. I could be completely wrong but that is just my opinion.