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  1. Milky oxbloods?

    On the subject of "insides" - here is a photo of a broken Akro milky oxblood - exterior and interior. Sorry the focus is off:
  2. what is it?

    Contemporary or reworked.
  3. Display Case

    Mike Cosentino used to make cases like that and sell them at shows. I still have a few (I think they are empty now).
  4. Marble King - pinkish base

    Those aren't jumping out at me as MK. The one on the right looks a bit Pelt-ish.
  5. What color?

    I think you're onto something!
  6. What color?

    Out-of-focus pus yellow?
  7. I remember when red micas and Sulphides were The Hotness - and few people wanted machine mades.
  8. The bag clip is almost as interesting.... as it suggests a modern production.
  9. Paperweight Maker?

    You might ask Patricia. I assume that is who you bought it from?
  10. Large handmade "Ebay"

    My opinion as a long-term handmade collector and as a person who has cane-cut experience in the studio: Attributing the colors simply to "it was made later" is a conclusion with no real supporting evidence. A marble of that size is not "hard to handle". Its not a marble until it is completely jacked/necked-down and shaped in the cup. Until then - its just part of a cane - which is easily and completely controlled because it is part of the punty. Once one has the experience of properly managing the heat in the cane and motion - its simple. And once it is necked-down enough to be rounded in the cup - there is no need for a metal tool to touch anything but the neck (which ultimately becomes a pontil). At the right temperature - the (usually) cherry wood cup (actually steam) will smooth imperfections - almost always imparting it's own unique style of very slight surface texture. When odd things start showing up in handmades - its good to pause and wonder why. When multiple odd things are seen in one piece - its good to ask why there are a number of odd things going on that are normally not seen in vintage handmades. Those who have handled "not right" handmades for years have learned to trust our eyes, experience and instincts.
  11. Large handmade "Ebay"

    I would prefer not to say in open forum.
  12. Large handmade "Ebay"

    It has been for sale for a long, long time. My opinion is that it is not right.
  13. Looks like it has already been well-sorted.