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  1. So $50 each or u got all those for $50
  2. How much would u say a blue bennington of little over 1 1/2 inch would be worth .... Also a brown one same size
  3. Oh ok that's cool thanks
  4. So NLR is national line rainbo right? Are they pretty rare to find ?
  5. What about the places out west how does that work can u just freely go an look ??
  6. Yea I did a little more research and I came to the conclusion that the city owned the property
  7. Anyone know much about the old factory there ? Im only 1.5 hours or so away from it . anyone know how I could go about getting permission to get on property to look for marbles ? Im sure others have tried already but who knows
  8. Ok cool all I got so far are orange an green and it is in most of my marbles that I've checked so far
  9. First of all its neat as ever ... But does it mean that they are old and what is the difference between the orange and the green ?
  10. Yea I've got a book coming from the library should be here in about a week... Marble Mania. So hoping to learn a bit from it
  11. Ekim929


    Yea 5/8 and the glass seems translucent with the yellow swirls inside I guess is how I would call it
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