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Berry Pink Autograph Letter?


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Anyone see this auction? It ended early at $1500.

Berry Pink Signature

A little history on this auction. Myself and Bob Lightner (another long time collector from Kansas City) went to this guys antique store in Lawrence Kansas to look at the letter and marbles maybe 2 years ago. He said (this is where is differs from his auction description) that a guy walked this into his store and sold it to him with the marbles.

That's a HUGE red flag in this auction. He said he found it in a drawer of an old dresser in his description. These marbles looked torch made and it looked to me and Bob that someone had maybe found a real letter but attempted to make up the marbles to go with it.

We walked away shaking our heads at the marbles but the letter was pretty cool. But $1500 cool? I don't think so. It seems like he wanted $300 for it at the time. Guess we screwed up. LOL...


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Love the Berry Pink revival. LOL

Hard to know what to say after the info you've shared. Wonder why the guy ended the auction early. Why not wait that extra day to see if anyone would beat the $1500?

One of my favorite parts of the auction is pretty trivial -- the part of the letter which says "3 line cleary, and a root beer cleary".

I especially like that "3 line cleary" part. I hope it really is the marble shown. It'd be cool to have a kid's name for it.


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