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Another Marble Run Idea? Maybe?


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Just sitting around thinking, watching the local news and many people out there in this area are hurting in the pocket book, as they are all over the country. I don't know if it would be financially feasible to do this, or what the logistics would have to be but here's my thought anyway. And this would totally depend on IF Jabo will be doing run's in the future, but my fingers are crossed! :)

A marble run with color combo's based on foods or food related stuff. LIke the old ketchup mustard, egg yolk, watermelon and whatever else we could come up with along these lines. A certain percent of money made off the marble sets would go to help food banks in our local area's. And if we raised more than enough money to cover the cost of the run, or once the cost of the run was covered, then 100% of the remaining money would be donated to the local food banks to help needy familys in this troubled time. I believe that any donations would also be tax deductable as well which may help get donations flowing? maybe??

In my state of Michigan, where the unemployment rate is the highest in the country, there are a tremendous amount of people in need. Many of the local foodbanks are having difficulty just staying open because the local businesses are either not donating as much as they used to , or have closed their doors completely. The general public isn't in a good place financially to donate to them either as many of them are now standing in line hoping to get simple items like bread and milk to help feed their family's.

Once again, I really don't know if this would be a feasible task to undertake but the cause is definately a good one, and the need is dire in these troubled times. I thought I would bounce this idea around out there and see what you think, as many of you know a vast more about the logistics of these runs than I ever could. God Bless!

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Nice idea.

Seem to be a little complicated though.I find it much easier just to help someone,less fortunite than myself,by giving them food or work on there house for them,or what ever is needed.Granted,its not on a large scale,but every little bit counts,and there is no red tape involved.

"I dont have a lot to spare,but I am willing to share",Is the attitude everyone should have.

Well,at least thats mine,anyway,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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Hi Gary, hope you are well.

Nifty idea. I, for one, know how difficult the times are and it's not any fun, that's for sure.

I remember seeing really long lines during the holidays at the Salvation Army here. After the fact, I found out more and I was 'a day late and a dollar short', so to speak.

We keep our only luxury for now, the web, to stay in contact with family and friends. I'd really not like to let it go but ya do what you gotta do.

Just the other day, I got food stamps and I was flying high, it was a good feeling to know that I can get food. Peanut butter and potatoes are fine but day after day, it gets dull. Nonetheless, I am thankful to the Lord for what I have because I do know there are so many others out there with even less.

We should pray for our country and its people, for better times and prosperity.

There are many noble and good-hearted people in the marble community and your idea could be the start of something grand.

:-) Felicia

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That is a wonderful thing to do. The way prices are falling everywhere as well as jobs, I think they would benefit from direct donations. JMO I am also in Michigan, Traverse City area. Where are you located? If it does not stop snowing I am going to have to shovel the roofs. UGH. We have not had a winter like this since the 70's. ( So they say, LOL) May we all stay warm with food in our bellys, and our house not in foreclosure. Barb

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Yeah, this was just one of my non-sleep night idea's. Maybe a way to get the marble community involved in helping others while showing others the beauty of what we love so dearly. Not every idea I have is a good one, hehe! And don't forget that I am heavily medicated most times. lol

I am down in the thumb and spent the morning with my wife trying to unthaw our pipes, err I was out in the cold watching her try while I gave my utmost moral support. Still no water yet. It seems the lid blew off my well head because one of my children, which no one knows who or when, seemed it necessary to remove the cinder block off the lid. We were able to get a small portable heater down in the hole near the pipes. I just hope it's not frozen further up the line, any prayers are welcome! lol Boy, just when it seems nothing else can go wrong, Murphy steps in and proves you wrong again.

I worked up in Traverse City for awhile at WGTU/WGTQ. The Cherry festival and parade was always neat. And I have never seen clearer water and pretty blue like Torch Lake. I left there and went to our sister station in Marquette and took over the Chief Engineer position there until I reinjured my back and couldn't walk anymore. Now thanks to the good doc in Green Bay, I can walk with a cane but my health continues to deteriorate. So many things I used to take for granted are now impossible, but life goes on. I guess I am just down about it today because the pipes are frozen and when I was a younger man I could crawl under the house, or hop down in the well house, spend all day out in the cold and it wouldn't even phase me. Now just to be out there in the cold makes life a living hell. Try to stay warm up there bud! God bless!

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Take all the leftover cullets from all the "experimental" runs and produce a 5/8", run the tank till its empty and sell the marbles for charity, every cent to go directly to the charity, all workers and staff to donate their time, I'm sure it can all be done in a day. maybe the previous investors can cover the gas bill, seems they made a bundle on the last years marbles, maybe someone can donate nifty packaging, a good gesture would really show strength in the marble community.

This year people should learn how to give..............

no hype, no speculation.


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I thought about just doing something, which comes from my hours of boredom sitting at home wishing my pain would subside. To focus and anything else besides my physical depravity helps me tremendously. What about an auction on something like this? But then I think, who would come? Probably only us marble lovers and not the general public. Maybe I am just being selfish and trying to get involved, lol I hope you all know that each and every one of you are wonderful people and blessings from God to me. I know I can come up with some hair brained idea's, but that's just me. I have always been a dreamer, maybe it's because im a capricorn? lol But every good deed was dreampt up before it came into fruition, right? I hope you are all doing spectacular and keeping warm in this crazy winter weather! God Bless!

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