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Man, they are cool, though. Especially the second one.

I wonder.... If you contacted him and let him know, what would he do?? He may welcome the info and add it to the auction. It doesn't look as if he's trying to be deceptive.

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Key words are"doesnt look like he's being deceptive".

He is and I KNOW IT.Let me repeat that,I KNOW IT.

I did contact him and I asked him if he was being intentionaly"stupid",to make better money.

I KNOW,who it is.

I KNOW,who made them.


The tri color is great in hand,and he should just sell it for what it is,instead of the intentional deception.

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The most colorful one is jabo cullet.The orange with the "milky" base,is either fenton,possible some odd marble king.

He got them from my buddy kevin(in the wheelchair),between christmas and new years,when he was up for a visit from AZ.

The seller,is someone I was helping out,with there marble education,but evidently he missed the chapter on integrity.

It would not suprise me if he was doing a little name dropping for his benefit too.

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