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Vintage Bottle Stoppers W/ Marbles


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ROFL @ Griff!!!

I set up at Brimfield for years... I keep saying I'm going back to shop, but there's a few other things that come along at the same time.... Buying in other places is easy-pickin's when everyone else is at Brimfield!!! Not to mention, no nasty weather, no traffic, no crowds and I can sleep at night!!! LOL

I have a couple of stoppers... I'm not sure where they came from. I've had 'em a long time. I'd have to go through paperwork to find out...

But, the last one I bought was from Brimfield, for Bev Brule... It was similar to the second one Craig posted.

I don't have easy pics to mine, I'll try to get some up this week (If I can figure out where I put them...)

My best one doesn't have a "cage," it has a metal shaft hooked into the neck that goes up and right into the marble. When upright, the marble looks like it's just sitting on top of the neck.

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