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  1. I found two of these kind of marbles, same colors, same pattern, here in Holland. Also think the same size. The seam indeed makes me also think that they are German made, also the fact that I've found them in Holland. Thanks for sharing, besides my two marbles, I did not see more of them, think they are rare? Cees
  2. This is what some people here also think, the marble had to protect the thimble.
  3. Thanks both for youre reaction, Steph I also thought it might been done by a child, but others here think that there are to many found with a marble in it, there must have been a reason that the marble was inside, I don't know. Cees.
  4. I was asked several times, what the meaning is of this combi, a thimble with a marble in it, found several times, at several places, in Holland, most of them found by digging. You can't remove the marble without damaging the thimble and this while some people think that the marble is there, to protect the thimble? Also known in the US, or other area's? Hope somebody knows some more? Cees
  5. Hi to you too Steph, Hi Ron, I'm also from Holland, there are indeed a few collectors from Holland here, but it seems that marbles are not as interesting in Belgium, as they are in Holland? The lady is a student reporter, she want's to make, for school, a report about marbles in Belgium, but she can't find a collector, so she asked me to help her, There's not much more I can do for her than this, so thank you both for youre reply. Cees
  6. A lady from Belgium mailed me, asking if I knew a marblecollector from Belgium, well I don't. Does anybody of you know someone from Belgium, collecting marbles, or is there on this board someone from Belgium? Hoping for some help, Cees
  7. Very nice marble Jeroen, and indeed very rare, seeing some reactions, there are collectors who would be very glad to have one of these kind of marbles too. But even if you think you've got every marble in youre collection and you know everything about it, you might be wrong, isn't it? Cees
  8. Looks like a same marble indeed, thanks. Cees
  9. That large one with the eagle (??) on it, is that a so called "silhoutte china"? A few years ago I saw a marble like that and it had that name, also with an eagle. Is there somebody who knows more about these kind of china's? Cees
  10. With polishing a marble you'll take away it's soul and history, in my opinion you can't speak about an authentic marble any more. Cees
  11. No not packed, I was in Illmenau, and spoke a man, who worked till the end at the Illmenauer Glasswerken, also at the marblemachines. He told me what I know now.
  12. Hi Steph I agree with you, I also have German cat's, 99% of them have two or more colors and indeed they are less sharper then the modern cat's, they are fat. And even if it were German cat's, as far as I know, they were made in Illmenau, starting in the early 50's. Cees
  13. I was questioned by the mail, phone, about this item, all of them ask me how it is possible that those cat's were in that box? During the 50's, these cat's came to Holland, more generation's played with them, but not the generation of Anne Frank, at least not when they were child.
  14. When youre cat comes home, in the middle of the night, through the bedroomwindow and knock's over a jar filled with marbles. The jar breakes and a few hundred marbles rolling over the wooden bedroomfloor. Cees
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