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Tucson Best Bead Show


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Went to the Tucson Best Bead Show Wednesday. Found some old friends and a new one. Got some pretty marbles and pendants and a bead.


This is my new friend, Ben Burton. Ben lives in Hawaii and I've met him on Glass Addiction. Sure was good to meet the live person. I wish I had bought one of Ben's octopi, but I did get a marble and a pendant. The octopi are really nice for a retired biologist.


Ben's Lost Soul marble




Back of the Lost Soul Marble

I bought a matching pendant


Ben Burton's Lost Soul Pendant


Old Friend Filip Vogelpohl - When we get home, I'm going to post more of Filip's work from previous years. Filip is enterred in the Flame Off again this year. We usually park ourselves in front of Filip's work station and watch him the whole time, but we can't be there this time. We know whatever he makes will be beautiful.


some of you have seen this marble in the calendar that you can find for sale on Glass Addiction. Brian Bowden is a friend from Glass Addiction and he bought one of these also. Watch for Brian's pics because they are 100 times better than mine.


Sea Flowers calendar marble


back of the calendar marble

vogelpohlg2alaxybead.jpg Filip Vogelpohl's Galaxy Bead - lots of planets, moons, etc embedded.



I can hardly wait to make a necklace with this galaxy bead


This bead is a gift from Filip. I have always put his gift beads in a showcase instead of wearing them. I promised filip I would make a necklace and wear both of the beads this time.

Weldon and I were right behind Brian Bowden on Wednesday as we looked for old friends and made our purchases. Brian and the Eaton's like a lot of the same artists and the same marbles.


Weldon Eaton, Brian Bowden, and Filip Vogelpohl


This marble is from Andrew Brown. Every now and then my pics just disappear from my camera and the one of Andrew disappeared. Andrew is an old friend. He told me this marble is the first using the technique he tried. Andrew poured the glass into a brick shape and then cut slices of the brick. He explained it is like using a murrini slice. He is going to send me some pics and an explanation when I get home about how this is done. If I understand it better, I'll share that. Right now I have the first and only marble made like this. I imagine there will be many more.


And this is Andrew Brown, taken on Saturday in Tucson.




The back of Andrew's marble


Kevin O'Grady Kevin makes gorgeous marbles and bracelets. Everytime we come to Tucson Bead Show, we take marbles by Kevin home. We also take home his brother George O'Grady's marbles. George didn't get to come to the show this year. I will show more marbles of George and Kevin after we get home.


Kevin figuring out what we owe

Brian Bowden also bought Kevin's marbles. Everywhere we went Brian had already been there. LOL


The cloud you see in the pic is a shadow and I'll replace this pic with a better one when I get home. We bought 3 of Kevin's vortex marbles.


this is a better pic, done at home.


One of the neat things about Kevin's marbles is that he makes his own boro colors. Kevin has nice bright colors.

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He signs with a cane that includes his whole name and the year the marble was made. Many of the colors on the bottom of the marble surrounding his sig cane include aventurine.


Another colorful O'Grady vortex




More aventurine on the bottom of the red vortex


My favorite O'Grady vortex looking through the lens.


Back of my favorite vortex

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Although the pictures are great, they really do not do justice to the glass in hand :Cool_653:

Thats right........ IN HAND. as in yep, those marbles are right here where I can touch and hold them.

hehehehe :Cool_049:

oh yeah, we be partyin in the desert. :4Party:

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We went back to Tucson Saturday morning and hung around about 3 hours. Bought that octopus I talked about that Ben Burton made. I also could not resist a barette and a bracelet made by Kevin O'Grady. Will post pics of the artists and stuff I bought tomorrow. Edna

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ROFL.... It's NEVER a good thing to be behind Brian Bowden at a glass show!!!! :icon_lmao:

Wally bought me one of Kevin's bracelets for Christmas a few years ago... I love it!!!

Can't wait to see the octopus!!!!


I'm so sorry I was too late sending the GA collab marble.... :blush:

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the Ben Burton octopus

He lives on the Calvin Sugita shelf in my cabinet. He is next to his brothers shown below.




Jahfree - He came to the show with "The Flow" and was selling the marble calendars he is holding. You can order one at Glass Addiction. Weldon is in the center and the other guy is Ben Burton, maker of the octopus and the marble and pendant named "Lost Soul".


Paul Stephan - Paul had beautiful marbles and pendants. Hope to run into him again and purchase some marbles. It was my third trip into the building and Weldon was waiting to leave. I went in with Ben to get the octopus and only took enough money with me to pay for the octopus. THEN I FOUND PAUL, NO MONEY ON ME. I knew when I went out again, I was leaving for home. Weldon was ready to leave, so I'll have to catch up with Paul again.

Hope now that others are home they will also post pics of their loot and who they saw. Edna

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