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Green Aventurine Hogue Jabo


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Edna recently posted photos of a large number of beautiful marbles from the same 'group' in her 'Gift from David Mccullough' topic. Take a look if you haven't already.

Because of her post I took another look at one I was 'half-watching', slapped myself, and immediately jumped on it.

Quick 'jump-shift'. Recently displayed a large solid black Williams marble at work, along with a little sign which read "So Complex in its Simplicity!"

This was meant as a humorous spoof on 'hoity-toity' art critics and similar people, but sometimes the concept is valid.

Went back and looked at Edna's post again, and now as the proud owner of one humble marble was able to look at hers individually, rather than just being awe-struck by the magnificence of the entire collection. And the little sign seemed to apply. These marbles are deceptively 'simple', but there's so much there! Cheers, Bob :)

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Hoo-boy, Bo!

The original Jokers are something (although I'd probably call them 'semi-simple') but is that other marble(s) one of these?

It's my favorite marble in the whole world! (Except for a wonderful gift marble from someone special, but that doesn't count for pure statistics.)

I do like the intricate and complicated ones as well. Like everyone else it would seem. It's just that the simple ones can sometimes be the most dazzling of all. Bob

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Bob,I had to count so got a pic while I was at it.Funny story,I thought I had three but what happened was!?! I bid on the bay at the last minute and put in $2222.00 as my bid,WOW!!YIKES!!.I figuered I had it covered but what if some other marble psyhco acciddently put in $2220.00? so I went back and rebid,and too late someone else got a steal!!Was that you?? Bo

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Any chance of getting a peek at these? Wow! I can't even imagine!

Would also like to ask Edna about the red ones. Had a quick 'back and forth' with Steph about them since she was the one who showed me my first glimpse.

Standing to be corrected, I think she was pretty certain that the original makers referred to hers as a "Cyclone".

In the auction where I got mine it was referred to as a "Cobra". Have seen subsequent auctions with both Cyclones and Cobras mentioned, although really they seem to be the same marble. Is "Cobra" an 'after the fact' name which someone came up with for a Cyclone with a sort-of cobra shape to the pattern? Thanks!

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