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News From New Philly???


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Before the show began on Saturday morning, Richard Goddard from Indiana received a message to call home, his mother had passed away. The cool thing is, she lived in Ohio and because he was here for the show he was able to visit with her on Friday! She was 105 years old.

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Wow!!! How cool!!! And I bet there's folks who would believe that was only a coincidence!!! ;)

Jo, do you know the story behind the 29.95??

When Buddy was at New Philly, he kept watching what he *thought* was a sign with a digital thermometer... At some point, he mentioned that it felt colder than 30º.... The reply was "Well, hell yeah!! It's only like 5º!!!"

Turns out, the sign was a room rate!!! :icon_lmao:

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