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Eagles Jabo Run...


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OK... I know there's been a TON of talk about the new Jabo runs...

For some, not enough talk.. For others, WAYYYY toooo much!!! LOL

I've been trying to keep kinda low key about them, because it has been a little controversial (That may be the understatement of the year!!! LOL) and for the most part, not too many have appealed to me...

I love a few that I have picked up, but in general, there's a lot that's been a little "Ho Hum...."

I also have a dread of "Created Market Collectibles." Most things with a "Certificate Of Authenticity" get my eyes rolling.... And, these runs are kinda verging on that sort of thing....


When Bob posted his picture of this Eagle.... I really came to attention..... I asked about getting some.


Smitty posted.....

The Eagles were a very succesful run! Lots of variety and very colorful combinations. One of the top special runs in my opinion. Plus, they will be on an upcoming episode of "Dirty Jobs" with host Mike Rowe

I don't sell on ebay, and have posted on the boards that I have them available at very realistic prices, yet not one person responded to me through the boards!

I was selling them at the Indy show and they sold like hotcakes! I will also be selling them this coming week at New Philly.

If you want to purchase some, simply contact me.

I traded some with Edna through the mail, and she can assure you of the quality.

I will not be online next week because I will be running the New Philly show. You can reach me before monday or after Feb. 7th at [email protected]

I contacted Smitty and bought some.... Mannnnnnn...... I've gotta say.... I was knocked out by what he sent...

In the same sort of vein as the Champion Furnace marbles, these runs will have credibility in the future.

Yes, there are MANY of these marbles hitting the market and not all of them will be worth a million. But, there are also many that are going to be seriously coveted and right now is the time to be very observant of what's floating around.... When you see something that really "sings," I think it's safe to say, they will be scooped up fast and hold, or increase in value.... When?? Who knows?? That's not really the important part of it....

What's important is... To be aware that there are marbles rolling out into the market that.... When you see them, you WILL want them..... They are beautiful and they will become tough to get... At least for a reasonable cost.

In the past 40 years, I've had many occasions to look back on and say, "If I'd only known THEN, what I know now!!"

There's also been times when I've jumped into something too deeply and regretted it...

There's people who are pushing these marbles to the max and there are others who say it's all hype...

It's not a black & white thing....

In credit to Galen, yes, we do need to be careful about getting swept up in a feeding frenzy over these. Having a Beanie Baby mentality is not wise......

But... OTOH.... I really feel that rejecting them as totally over hyped would also be a very bad mistake!!!

These are history in the making and it's not going to last forever.... There definitely IS a cream to this crop!!!

If you like "sparkly," get a hold of Smitty... He can hook you up at prices that make sense!!!


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We just got in from Tucson. I have some more items that I bought yesterday, but haven't had time to do pics. i also got a pic of Andrew Brown and Jahfree. Will post those tomorrow on the Tucson thread.

For George: welcome and most of us have lives outside of posting on the chatboards. Be patient and everybody will be back from the shows and post again. Edna

Dang, I forgot to echo what Scoop said. My Eagles that i traded with Smitty are just terrific, especially the ones that got Scoop's attention.

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"When Bob posted his picture of this Eagle..."

Just want to point out that I didn't take that shot.

Edna described a marble, which sounded like one in an auction I was watching.

I 'borrowed' the photo for confirmation purposes. So credit and thanks to the original photographer!

(And if you're the seller as well, congratulations, since I think that one went out of my league.) Bob :)

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There was recently another auction on E-Bay for a similar Eagle. It was beautiful, and I tried hard to win the bid, but I didn't get it. Sometimes I just can't afford to chase after a particular marble, but boy I sure wish I could have won that one.

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Mary...I'd be happy to get one out to you. Within the next day or two.

There was recently another auction on E-Bay for a similar Eagle. It was beautiful, and I tried hard to win the bid, but I didn't get it. Sometimes I just can't afford to chase after a particular marble, but boy I sure wish I could have won that one.
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Nice! (Although I bet the Last Dances were, too.)

I like the idea of trading within a specific family of marbles. Nice way to balance the collection.

Mary made a comment a while back which I hope I'm not misinterpreting. It suggested to me that she thought almost anyone could find something they loved in any of the 'special runs'. Made me realize that I'd been neglecting quite a few of them, and when I looked around a little more than I had been, I found some terrific new things which I hadn't even been considering. There're still more than a few to go! Never traded before, but maybe giving the buy/sell/trade section a whirl with something like "Aces to Trade / Looking for Last Dances" (or whatever) would be worthwhile. Especially for people like me who're operating on a small scale and probably only hope to wind up with a few marbles perfect for them from each run.

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I think I got a much better deal by buying from someone here, than I've seen on ebay...

When I'm in a good 'silver-lining' mood, I like to think of the ones that get away as opportunities to find a better one for a better deal!

I don't know what that one sold for on ebay, but just by showing Smitty what I was interested in, he came up with a coupla good matches... I also bought a few of the other styles and I thought his prices were very reasonable.... So Bob, I think your probably very right!!!

Mary... Jo's deal sounds even better!!!! ROFL

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Wow. I could throw a baseball from here and have it land in Northern Virginia.

I hope Jo and Mary are friends, otherwise my geographical 'sister' is making me feel very 'unloved'! Or 'dissed', in the lingo of the Nation's Capital which separates us!

Kidding. Bob :lol:

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