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Sad News, Blenko Glass Is Shutting Down


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We work very closely with Blenko, currently they are at a stand still with production, gallery is open and they will fire a furnace to fill an order if needed, they sell our glass in the gallery and recently placed a decent order.

As is stands, they have a huge gas bill to pay, no plans on closing indefinately, they just need to catch up on their bills.

So much for Obama's "save America" plan

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I was reading on the craftweb board, many posters pointed out that they did not update any of the gas using equipment they have. Wasting gas like it was cheap in the old days. Need to update the gas fired equipment to be competitive today.


Their furnaces are quite crude and yes, gas guzzlers, one problem with building new equipment is the massive costs, they have run using the same type of equipment for so long that it would talk a big sack of $$ to update everything, not to mention the annealing lear (gas also)

we have talked with them about updating their furnaces, adding recuperators etc., the cost is just too much right now, one 600lb furnace could cost as much as $50,000, they have about 6 main colors so thats about $300,000 just to replace the furnaces, they use a large central glory hole with many ports, it too is a gas hog, removing that and adding a glory hole to each shop would cost additional $$, the biggest cost would be replacing the annealing lear, it has run for many many years and is a workhorse, cost to replace it would be outrageous.

Give them time to catch up, look what happened to Fenton, they cryed wolf saying they were going to close, sales skyrocketed and they recovered well enough to stay open, not to mention a big tax credit to cut their debt. they have also done a little research on using other manufacturers to cut their costs of production, we now make 4 items for Fenton and are we are working on other products, apparently it's cheaper to pay us to make the items than it is to do it themselves.

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