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  • An interesting historical page: Machinale glazen knikkers -- It speaks of the history of machine-mades in general, in American, Germany, Japan and other countries, with specific references to marbles found in the Netherlands.
  • Their "other uses" page: Functie -- Check out the coffee-keeper-warmers, and the boring white ceramic balls from a paint factory. LOL, on page 2, bottle stoppers like Craig posted recently. It suggests that one of their uses was to stop flying insects from getting into the bottle. And then there's one totally new to me -- a codd-like bottle of ink. You could fill the top chamber with ink for convenient dipping; the marble stopped the ink from draining back down to the bottom chamber too quickly.
  • And under the "Soorten" drop down menu, a whole lot of marble photos.

While I was in the google neighborhood I followed this link:

a 2005 entry at an archaeology site, it gave me the following link

National Marble Tournament Site

  • My favorite word so far from the tournament site: kinderknikkeren. Isn't that great!

For translating from the Dutch:

Babelfish note: I hadn't ever translated a whole page there at once. Now I see that once you get the translation of the first page, Babelfish will also translate the links you follow. BUT (important but) there were pages at Knikkerwereld I could only get to from the orginal dutch version. Those were pages which had been linked to in drop down menus.

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