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Transparent Cobalt Blue Based Cork

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Hello everyone,

As I do not collect Akro, I am not sure if these are rare or not. They are transparent cobalt blue based and back light nicely. they are the exact color of my cobalt guineas. Really quite striking. Two have yellow/baby blue and the other has yellow/brown swirled in a cork over top in a onyx? " snake?"type construction. The other is also like a snake as in it has a transparent green base glass with a lime green cork and orange inlaid overtop the base glass. I have never seen either of these. Has anyone else? and what are their names I should refer to them as. Rare?





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nope, a hybrid is a color that is not a blend or bleed thats introduce into the marble,, a popeye is defined by two colors (not white) in a clear base and has whispy(stringy) white,,, hope that helps,,, bj

btw- that cork is da bomb, nice looking mib

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ide say extremly scarce, ive been looking for a replacement to the chipped one i have for a very long time, yours has the gray mine dont ,,, and if there was a catagory for blue based popeye that mib would fit in that catagory, i could never convince anyone it is though, lolol,, bj

i wished i had a bucket full of them, they are the coolest corks ive seen

heres my beat one, no gray like yours


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thats how i find any mib in the wild usually in groups but more often in singles, sometimes you get lucky and find a rarity, sounds like you made out like a bandit, jeepers, im seriously jealous friend,,,, if you run across some more your probably pretty close to the box set they came in if thats how they were distributed,, at any rate great find,,bj

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