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New Blog And Marbles For Sale

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My daughter has set up a website to sell her new handmade girls dresses, homemade rag quilts, memo boards and etc....as part of her listings - she began a section for marbles -

Marbles for SALE - this is NOT Ebay

the dresses and stuff are here ( if you are interested in girly stuff :) ) kirkskorner

Sarah asked me to participate in creating a blog to help the sales on her marble section - so I started one off today...you can take a peek and visit - vote on the POLL - and even post a response.


Thanks for playing!

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what ever your name is your daughters site is wonderful, hope she makes a roaring success of it. the marbles are gorgeous. and the blog site depends on who likes to talk. lol very nice.


Thanks marie - she has made some sales - if anyone is interested in some contemporaries - she has quite a few up on the site -

marie - you can view my history and personal information on my profile pages.

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Bill, thank you. i really am from Spokane and i really talked to you cause you are from Washington. :) the other guy i thought you were is from Nevada and isnt very nice. i just wanted to rip him a new one.



No problem - I only lived in Nevada for a very short while when I was like 11 or something - and I never knew anything about marbles back then.

I was given my collection from my Grandfather when he passed away when I turned 20.

Dern it - you are making me feel old now.

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I almost voted for the bumblebee -- such a classic. But if someone asked me which one I wanted ... I wouldn't pass up the Hercules! lol

Well speaking of bumble bees - I put up a REAL double ingot bumble bee on the blog tonight - along with a multiple assorted pics of some original bags and a light discussion about DUG Marble Kings.

Here is a sneak preview:


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'Can't believe I was the first to vote for a Dragonfly!!!! :Happy_050:

Oh man - no kidding - I finally was able to get my first dragonfly just recently!

I STILL need a real watermelon....if anyone has a heart.....

btw you can see the real big up close pics of those dug MKs here


and here


there is even a PINK one in there!

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Hey Bill, those are some very pretty MK's. MK is my favorite. they are so colorful and just neat. now dont get carried away while i'm gone. i'd like to get what i can if you're selling. wont be back til the middle of July. moving to Boise area along the border.


when in doubt, call Louis. he's a straight shooter.

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Akro cork collection posted on the blog...

Dragonfly won the voting for best Marble King - thanks for the votes! I will make up a new poll for best Akros now....any ideas on what should be included in the poll - let me know...

There is a sweet lavendar cork in my collection along with popeyes, snakes, oxbloods and triple twists.


Check them out!

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