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Its Electric Boogie........

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Hello everyone,

A few questions/statements on these pictures; I recently bought these first three as CAC , the first is an obvious electric yellow slag and the the next two are what I hope are the "snottie" electric CAC type transparent swirls. The fourth is a generic yellow wire pull which I placed there so you can infer the vibrance from the first three marbles. The two "snottie" are out of round on clear glass. The First three fluoresce wildly orange when hit with blacklight on the yellow.

Any help or comments by anyone would be greatly appreciated as always.

I guess what im asking is..... do you CAC aholics think the first three to be CAC?





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Are the swirls yellow ribbons in a clear base? Or white ribbons in a clear base?

on my monitor it looks like yellow in clear, which would be a significant difference from the electric yellow slag. No specific thoughts about maker from me at the moment. This was my subtle attempt at a helpful bump. lol

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Yellow swirls in clear make me think of Champ (or vacor, tho' that's not really on my mind here).

I haven't really spent much time thinking about yellow tho' so I don't know who else might've done it. In particular I don't know if that is a CAC option.

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