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Anybody Recognize This?

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Fantastic..what a great design!

Here's a list of glass artists (scroll down the page, you'll see an alphabetical list).


I cannot see it on your picture myself so I hope it helps. Some artists have webpages if you google their names, you can find out more about them and their work.

:-) Felicia

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I remember seeing that mib somewhere but I don't recall who made it or where I saw it. Possibly on ebay? or maybe it was one exactly like it?? lol I wish my memory was better! God Bless!

I am pretty sure Sarah bought it at the sea-tac marble show a few years ago - maybe that helps narrow the field....I know David Salazar was there - but its not one of his....or maybe it is....the first letter could be a lower case "d" and the second a messed up "s" ...did David makes vortex marbles like this?

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Could the signature be dR? I don't remember if Dennis Richardson ever ventured into vortexes... But that looks kinda like his signature, colors are style...

If it was purchased at Seatac... Maybe from Del Morgan?

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Good eye, Sue. I believe it's one of his.

YES Dennis Richardson made vortexes and that looks like one of them.

Okay now I got the whole story - Sarah got it in a marble exchange she participated in - probably on this forum back a few years ago.

It is probably a Dennis Richardson then. thanks for the help everyone! Good detective work.

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