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Hey! One Of My Old Collectors Sets Is Being Sold!

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Wow -

Winlock marbles is selling one of my old sets -


I never thought I would see the day that someone sold one of my old collectors sets on the bay....

brings up lots of sentiments - We went to meet Cory from Winlock marbles and he gave my children a class on marble making and sent them all home with a marble that he made for them on the premises...totally wonderful man...

here is a link to the auction:


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Hi Bill - it was me. I guess I didn't get one from you years ago...

Alright! Nice. I think they were only $10 back then - those sets are the best ones I did...the glass topped cases were just too---, well the marbles just didnt fit right - with THIS set - it has foam dividers, and the marbles are mint out of the case from Jabo - the marbles are not gonna rub - so those are really nice. I saved me a few of them - but they are not for sale.

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