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Ebay Ok Or Scam?

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I am far from an expert on guineas but the one they are keeping looks real. I question the others.

I would also think long and hard before paying $500 to a seller with only 18 transactions including one negative.

Just my 2 cents!!!


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I wrote the guy, mainly to warn a seemingly new seller about the problems people with 0 feedback have been causing marble dealers. He asked me who Scott Patrick was. I guess that's been suggested to him as a possible maker of the mibs. He seemed glad for the info I gave him in response.

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The person with the 0 feedback has revealed enough information about himself so that I can tell it is someone who has been reported to ebay many times as a problem buyer. More than one of his ebay IDs have been cancelled. He is a real collector but .... well, he brags a lot and not all of his claims are well-founded. He bids a lot but doesn't always pay for what he committed to buy. And as a seller, he has listed at least one really neat item, and then pulled it down, and then relisted it but it wasn't quite as neat the last time I saw him list it. (thinking of a pelt jobber box -- let me see if I can find that link where Art solved the mystery for me) (here's that link)

Every seller has to start somewhere, and I sure don't envy this guinea seller having to start out in the current ebay environment where he is vulnerable to buyers for whom we cannot leave feedback.

Now, here's where I'm going to give everyone something to razz me about ;-) -- the subject of faux guineas vs. real. I'm not sure as many are fake as people say. I don't give the 0-feedback bidder credit for owning a 15/16" guinea. Ohmigosh, I sure don't. He has bragged about how much he as paid for glass items which I'm pretty sure were modern but he thought were old. But I also am not sure that some people haven't interfered with legit guinea sales by talking about how no real guinea would have bubbles or some particular pattern. How can they be so sure no guinea could look like that? Not saying whether I think this guys mibs are real or not. I see why people would not think so and I would love to see clearer pix. But in the past I've thought some mibs had more potential to be real than they were being given credit for.

Scott Patrick can apparently make guineas real enough to fool people like me (LOL) but I'm just not so sure that some people aren't a little too quick to write off some possible guineas. I really do feel for the challenges of collectors who have invested in marbles for years but who are now turning around and selling for the first time in today's market. Confident in their knowledge and knowing how much they've invested, but possibly facing for the first time this army of internet collectors with some pretty aggressive behavior and all our "common knowledge" based on reading the same sort of threads over and over on the boards.

Rightly or wrongly, I'm feeling real sympathy for this seller. The advice he got to send them to Marblealan is very very good.

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