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Cant Seem To Find My Home

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Sitting in NH,getting ready to slay some monster perch.I just picked up some killer handmades.Dont have the means to post photo's right now,but look for a "road trip with griff" thread,coming soon.

Some of the things that will be in the thread will be,Cairo,Vienna,and South portland Maine Marble shows,Fire Fox Run,a little of Brimfield,antique show,and just possibly,some fishing pics,but there is only a slim chance Ill slip some fishing pictures in there. :icon_lmao:

I should be home sunday morning,and will get to work on it.


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Im up to,2,one gallon bags full,of fillets.Hoping to make it 3,by going out this morning.

Ive been hitting some at12 to 15,inches,again.

If the truck weight goes over,Ill just have to have a road side fish fry!!

Hey Gary,I cant spare any,until my freezer is stocked for this coming winter.Even then,I wouldnt mail them,but could deliver In person.Gotta grill?????



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