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Popeye Hybrids

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Found these two yesterday and couldnt pass them up even though I dont collect akro.

One has lavender and teal green blended with yellow beneath, and the other is yellow , orange and green. Any thoughts would be appreciated including the going rate for these sort of things

Thanks in advance ,





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Craig the one on the left is super and VHTF in my op. , at a show it would go for atleast $25 ___________Ebay more but some may not call it a popeye but myself i say so but pelts are my thing ....but that would be like a Superman to me ( and for a crow collector in good shape with the right seller on the bay $50 easy) <<<<<<<<<<<<< the purp is just in the kill zone love it not event a crow lover


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The only other green-lavender popeye I've seen is the one I own (shown below), so I think they're pretty unusual. I would expect to pay at least $150 for one in mint condition owing to the rarity of the colors, but then the market is down and maybe I'm living on another planet. The addition of a third color (the yellow) besides the white is also a plus.

The other one isn't as uncommon so I'd say not worth much more than the normal green/yellow combination.


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