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Marble Mail.............$1.99 Buy It Now

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Just arrived and once again while I dont collect these, you just cant pass up on a deal. Single marble 5/8 one hit but small and I am not 100% sure but I am hoping it rhymes with "Squarnelian Knoxmud". Some verification would be nice please or your thoughts as to what it is. Seller thought Vitro.

Thanks in advance once again marble friends,






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Cool to see a nonglowing one with the ox ....

... coz I think that without the ox some folks break them down by glowing or not, sometimes giving 'em different names if they glow versus if they don't, right? But with the ox, I don't think I've ever heard anyone make a distinction. Have you?

It's as if the ox validates it and the mib has nothing else to prove.

Without the ox a nonglowing one might feel inadequate. With the ox no problem.

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