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Scattering Marbles

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We had Joseph all this week - 8 years old. Grand Daddy drove Joseph and I to several locations in town to scatter marbles. I think we'll do it again next week.


these are last Dance marbles, blue with yellow and oxblood ribbons swirling.


Joseph placed a lot of marbles at the little city park.





And also at our church play ground



We put some out at a local Mexican Restaurant in the front where

people could see them. I didn't have the camera when we did those.

we plan to leave some in the school playgrounds next week. Edna

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That's great. And part of a LONG tradition!

I'm mildly worried about anyone admitting in writing that they do it. It's probably against some sort of law. But until someone finds the law and points it out to you, it's wonderful! lol And doesn't Joseph look grown up.

p.s. gratuitous historical trivia: a lot of Vitros were secretly scattered in some of the poorest neighborhoods of New York during the summer of 1940. Henry Fisher donated them to a newspaper columnist who had written about his mother not being able to afford to keep him and his brothers supplied with mibs when they were boys.

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Awwwww, bet he keeps you busy. Sounds like some other kids are going to end up having some fun too! (maybe even some bigger kids..lol)

Thanx for sharing the fun Edna, have a great weekend!

:-) Felicia

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