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Where's Waldo Been?

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One logo mib, two clearies, two brushed patcches, one game marble and one oxblood?

um, I'm afraid I'm gonna have trubble picking one as not belonging, and one as there to throw us off. :unsure:

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The white based with blue and oxblood ribbons looks akro to me. Perhaps the others are akro, except for the Marble King logo marble?

Or, the akro marble is the odd one and all the rest are marble king? Edna

the oxblood ribbon looks akro to me too but found somewhere where they had the same glass, know-how and machines.

the marble king 50th anniversary marble is marble king (i hope). the other 5 were found with the oxblood. there are two very telling marbles in that group.

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Yes Maam....they were. Including the oxblood!

That's pretty cool. awesome actually that you make it to all those sites.

I was kinda hopin' it was the other way around tho' -- wanted to see the brushed patches coming from akro. :-)

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