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Ooh Anticipation -- Wildwood Is Winding Down!


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oh no ... I read too far ... sad news :-(

Kansas City's largest marble tournament record of 677 players, set last August, was beaten last month by an elementary school in Oregon. Over 750 players. Well, maybe it's not too sad. Means there are people playing marbles!

Will KC try for the record again? More anticipation!

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I am presently at the National Marbles Touranment in Wildwood, NJ. My daughter is currently in first place. I think that is a pretty good "live source", LOL. I'll try to answer any questions about the tournament you may have !

Here's a copy of the article that was in today's Reading Eagle



Last Update: 6/24/2009 12:22:00 AM

Shillington girl moves into first place in National Marbles Tournament

Reading Eagle

The possibility of a Berks County marbles champ dynasty is closer than ever.

Whitney A. Lapic, 13, is in first place at the 86th annual National Marbles Tournament in Wildwood, N.J.

Whitney of Shillington moved from second to first place Tuesday, with an overall record of 22 -2.

Whitney is the Berks County girls marbles champion. Her mother is Debra Stanley-Lapic, who won the 1973 girls championship when she was 14 and now organizes the local tournaments.

After the tournament's second day, Shakira Ortiz of Reading moved up to 11th place with a 10-14 record. Shakira, 12, is the Reading girls champion.

Shane Hoover of Exeter Township was in 22nd place with a 7-27 record. Shane, 8, is the Berks County boys champion.

Preliminaries continue today.

The top eight girls and boys will play in the semifinals Thursday.

The mibsters compete for national honors, college scholarships and other prizes.

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Thanks for the good wishes !! We have been here practicing since June 14th. We have endured 50 degree temps, 30 mph winds and pouring rain, all not good for outdoor marbles play. We were just waiting for the hail and locusts !!! The tournament is exhausting for both players and parents.

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Yes, she did it!!! We are the first mother/child National Marbles Champions in the tournaments 86 year history with a 36 year difference, lol. We are on cloud nine right now. I will post some links later. I am trying to post some photos of the tournament but they are so huge that I am having problems.

Debra NMC-73 and Whitney NMC-09

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Sure, I'd love some help on posting photos. Or can I just send them to someone and have them post for me? I'm still at the National Marbles Tournament...........trying to relax after an exciting week. I'd love everyone to see the other end of marbles............the playing end and how dedicated these mibsters are.

Thanks, Debra

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