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Below The Belt?

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I brought this up here, as it is here I go most often and was here that mrs mopar contacted me and I told her I was farah butt. This thread was then posted at marble mental where I rarely go "Half Off-Topic 'Kicked In The Butt By Nature' Photo".

below the belt? you decide.

here are some snippets to help, from threads posted here which some may recognize as theirs-

I am so proud of this board

for planting our feet in the sand and saying this stops here.

I hate bullies because of the

pack mentality. Brave enough to do things in a pack but not


Not one of you would have done what

you did individually, but as a group it must have seemed OK.

There have been some especially nasty posts accross the boards recently. Just who exactly is the pack?

I never thought of myself as a bully Carole,

I know you did.

It is wiser to go with

the flow when it is true and factual. The most important things are

integrity, honor, and the truth.

oops ziggyzora only gets 1 out of 3 (thats just me whittering)


only peaceful place to chat is Marble Mental, due to very strict

regulations. And, Elizabeth, herself, will tell you that's probably why

really? (oops me again)


long as this board and all of it's ancesters have been around, it's

been an attempt to give people freedom of speech.

I am a newbie still and have learned alot from this board. I don't know

who these people are asking for people to stand down but who are you to

ask this. you all are causing issues now. just like the topics that get

out of control, now this is as far as i can see. you all jumping in

like this causes us that have little knowledge to wonder who you are

and what you want. in my oppinion Lou has done fine and the others.

this is a marble board but freedom of speech is allowed to a degree.

People are always so quick to pull the race card. Its freaking rediculous anymore

(my mistake, this was posted elsewhere)

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I'm confused? Were all those things posted on this board, or at least in public?

Being proud of this board for planting its feet in the sand and standing up against abuse sounds like something I might have said. But I don't know that I said it in public.

Lou and Sue did stand up against abuse. And they've been paying for it ever since. It's hard to stay balanced and positive when you're having crud slung at you on a regular basis. Actually, it's sort of a compliment to them how much some others want this board to suffer.

There is a lot of gray area. Few people are 100% innocent in any given situation. Few hot situations are cleanly dealt with before more than one person has dirtied their hands in ways they generally wouldn't do. Situations wouldn't have gotten hot if everyone were contributing in a rational manner.

But what free speech should be allowed? And what is too far? And what about the people who are savvy enough never to be direct yet who inflict much more damage than the people who are just awkward? The best bullies aren't going to get caught as often as the less practiced ones. Some talented bullies have Lou in their sights. They deftly poke fun at Lou for cutting the awkward people slack while saying nix to people who oughta know better. I've been annoyed when that standard has been applied to me. I know better than some of the other people, so I should behave better. The fact is that moderators have to make decisions on a case by case basis, in context. No set of rules will ever be made to cover every situation specifically, and someone will be upset with how the rules are interpreted.

There are people who are trying to hurt this board. I think that by reacting to it, we're letting 'em do it. Same way I let them hurt me, when I couldn't help reacting to it. But reacting hurt both me and the board more.

It's tough. How much do you take? and how much does Lou allow?

The critics won't allow that gray area could be decided on a case by case basis. They outright call Lou a hypocrite for taking past events into consideration when making a decision. Two similar seeming cases could get called two different ways, based on consideration of the big picture. It's a reasonable thing to do but the people who scorn this board are going to say it is hypocrtical.

It doesn't matter what is said here. They're going to say it is hypocritical. They'll find SOMETHING wrong no matter what is said. And when it gets hard to find something specific wrong they can always fall back on making fun of the people on a more personal level. So, really what is the point in responding? Certainly not changing the critics.

But people still feel a need to vent when they've been attacked. It's understandable. I sure feel it. ;-)

I vented at the Alley though. ;-)

Coz this is a marble board. And the Alley is Almost Anything Goes.

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I'm confused too. That post at MM was done by Bob from something that caught his eye and stopped him in his tracks. He generally likes theme photos and titles.

I'd not told anyone of our contact zora and would not do anything 'below the belt' anyone much less to such a sweet person as yourself. It's not me.

All this other stuff going on, well, I'm not sure about some it it myself.

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I guess you can count me among the confused too. I thought maybe I had missed something, so I went back and re-read the "Half Off-Topic 'Kicked In The Butt By Nature' Photo" thread. All I see is one of Bob's lovely pictures of a marble filmed in nature, followed by a couple of posts complimenting him on the picture. I'm really not seeing what is so offensive about the thread.

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I'm confused? Were all those things posted on this board, or at least in public?

No, they were a load of nonsense sent to me in the form of webpages(?) to try to make me discredit this board (I just didnt realize it at the time. Sorry Steph and any other nice people I have offended at any time. Will leave you all to your peaceful marbling.

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Carole, ziggyzora was quoting something she'd been sent. She wasn't saying that she knew you or that you and she had spoken to each other. I think I've figured out what happened. I can email you about it if you'd like.

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just a thought folks ... doesn't this dialouge belong in a personal email or phone call or ... in ur face ???? this keeps the ball bouncing .... in EVERBODY'S face.... MARBLES IS WHY I SHOW UP .... not personality conflicts .... bill


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