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  1. I'll be there! It's my first non-Texas show in many years. Am also planning on arriving Wednesday.
  2. Pinx

    A family loss

    Sorry for your loss, Scott.
  3. Hi Lou! Hi Edna! We have a room Thursday and Friday nights. See you there.
  4. It's been years since I've been to a marble show or even posted on a discussion board. I retired 3 1/2 years ago and always thought I'd have more time once I retired. However, it seems I'm even busier than when I was working! I've tried to make it to the last two Texas shows, but family emergencies forced last minute plan changes. It looks like I may actually make it to Round Rock (north of Austin) for the April show. Anyone here going?
  5. LOL! Still not following you, but i'm painting my house so it may have more to do with me huffing volatile chemicals FWIW, Japanese cat's eyes came with vanes all the same color or multiple colors in one marble, so the same color combo options are available in both the Japanese and the American marbles.
  6. I'm not sure I'm following what your saying about trading colors.
  7. I would have to agree with Galen - they all look like four vanes. They may not be representative of what's in the packages though. The loose marbles could have been acquired from a different source just to use in the ad.
  8. Way to go, Craig! good job!
  9. Many years ago, when I was a newbie, I printed out every page from Marblealan.com. I have had it organized in a notebook all these years. Today, I scanned the whole notebook into three PDF files and posted them "in the cloud" because the files are too big to attach to most emails. If you would like a link to the folder, PM me with your email. I will send you a link and you will be able to access the files. Unfortunately, the edges were in bad shape and wouldn't feed into my scanner. I had to turn the pages around and scan it in upsdie down. Once you open the file, go to the drop down menu "View" and you can rotate it twice and it will be right side up. If you are going to print the whole thing out, it won't matter if you rotate it or not. Hope some of you are able to enjoy these files. Remember, these are for educational purposes only. Elizabeth
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    Marble Alan Website

    Don't forget to include your email address in the PM to me. I have to email you a link to the folder.
  11. Pinx

    Marble Alan Website

    You gave me the idea!
  12. Pinx

    Some Vitro Vegetables

    I once had some Vitro peas and sold them. One of my big marble regrets. Nice stash!
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    From: http://pinterest.com.../photo-gallery/
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    I wish I had thought of that! Source (at least where I found it) is on the bottom of my post.
  15. Pinx

    1968 Vitro Agate Article

    Finally! An explanation of the purpose of the Codd-type bottles. Contents can be poured out, but water cannot be added in. Thanks!
  16. RIP Alan. A sad day indeed. Bless you Cheryl, and your husband, for the care you've given. None of this was easy.
  17. Pinx

    Things Come Back Around

    Great story, Don!
  18. Pinx

    Sad News From Phoenix

    That's so sad. Bo had a big heart.
  19. Joe and anyone else whose pics this guy stole should file a copyright infringement complaint with eBay. I think it's called the VERO program. A few years back, someone stole copy off of my personal website regarding a photographer and used it word for word in their eBay listing. Ebay was very responsive in that case, but then that was years ago, so maybe things have changed.
  20. Pinx

    Eatons In An Accident

    This is such sad news. Weldon was a nice man, a gentle spirit. Rest in Peace. Elizabeth
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    Catseye Color Combinations

    Good eye, Jess!
  22. Pinx

    Catseye Color Combinations

    Several years back some of us over on Marble Mental did some breakdowns on the different color combos of Japanese cross throughs to get the prevalence of each of the combos. I looked in the Archives, but could not find the thread. It was probably done prior to ezBoard migrating to Yuku, which means it's gone. I still have my data, which I have added to as I acquired more cross throughs. I will try to find it and post it again if people are interested.
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    What Internet browser are you using?