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The Wildwood Chronicles


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Debra Stanley-Lapic the National Marbles Champion of 1973 hasn't missed a national tournament in 37 years. She has a wealth of information, not to mention photos, which she'll share if there is interest. Here is the first installment ... from this year's tournament ... a very special event!

I have the privilege of posting this time while the Lapic family is traveling, celebrating and unwinding! But Debra will be back to field your questions if you have any.

Thank you, Debra! The pix and captions are classic!


National Finals.....Whitney Lapic, Berks County, PA and Penelope Bauer, Allegheny County, PA


The traditional kiss


2009 National Marble Champions....Ricky Brode, Cumberland, MD and Whitney Lapic, Berks County, PA


Whitney shooting during National finals


Lining up a shot


Last years National Champs crowning the new champs


Me crowning my daughter.....a very proud moment


Mibsters with attitude, lol

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The most adorable prequel ... Whitney was destined to be a National Marbles Champion ....


Whitney practicing her winning moment.....12 years before it was needed, lol


Whitney's first National Marbles Tournament, just learning to shoot.


Trying to take her first shot at 9 months..........those are itty bitty knee pads!!

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Too kewl!! Congratulations to the winners!

The baby pictures are just adorable!

I wouldn't even know where to start or what to do. How do you find kids who'd want to learn when you don't even know how to play? I think it's great kids are doing this rather than being couch potatoes.

Thanks for sharing.

:-) Felicia

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Ditto Felicia! Maybe more of us collectors need to learn how to play! Time to start doing thumb exercises. One time I asked my husband if he would play with me. He said suuurrrre, if I could find some marbles I wouldn't mind getting dinged up.

I did finally put together a jar of marbles like that! exactly with the idea of playing! But I never followed through.

Maybe I'll go do some target practice now! LOL

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Last week, (June 22) I was honored to have my book, presented to eleven-year-old Logan Mayberry of Clay County, Tenn., and 13-year-old Caleb Isaacson of Gunnison, Colo. (I was not able to post a picture, so click on www.marblekeeper.com)..the winners of the 89th Annual National Marbles Tournament, in Wildwood, NJ. Among marble players this annual event is like going to the Olympics. Boys and girls, ages eight to fourteen, practice all year to compete for five days in Wildwood (Atlantic City), New Jersey. At the Thursday evening banquet a King and Queen are crowned. The grand prize for each (boy & girl) winner is a $2,000 scholarship, a trophy and a copy of my new book, Collecting Marbles: A Beginner's Guide, by Richard Maxwell.

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