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Now There's A Guniea ???


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seems like it must be a typo or something...not even remotely close to anything even guinea-like???

looked like ID's on other auctions were pretty good (if a bit embellished)and the auction title doesn't mention anything about guineas (which is where you'd think you'd drop that name if you were trying to snare unsuspecting persons).

my guess is probably some kind of template and just forgot to change some of the key words (i've done it a time or two myself).

ANYWAY, probably not the point at all. i believe that "guinea" should be reserved for the CAC beauties (JUST a newbie opinion), but in the past i've had auctions where i've included foreign guinea-like marbles and it's really hard to describe them without using the word "guinea" (i just say "guinea-like" or "type") and there is no doubt that putting that word in the auction draws a lot of eyes!!

not sure why i felt inclined to share or why i'm so chatty tonight!!!


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Not what is know as a Jabo guinea. This marble just has the gold or lutz blown on the surface. The different Jabo guineas have a variety of different colors, blown on the surface,some embed smooth into the surface.

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