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Since the marbles in the ID section are mostly machine mades, the hand made collectors and contemporary collectors don't tend to look over there.

There are some versatile collectors who can field all types of question, but mostly the contemp collectors don't seem to be that much into visiting the ID forum. Even the ones who would be totally glad to help ID. They just don't tend to look over in the ID forum.

Well, that's my impression anyway. Soooo . . . there you go. Nothing to apologize about. I just wanted to increase the visibility of your mib. Now it's got a link in the ID forum and in the main chat forum. Hopefully you'll get an answer.

Another type of mib question I tend to move is when someone knows the ID of their mib but they want to know the value or rarity. Those threads sometimes start in the ID forum and I might move them.

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'Sorry Jack.... What Steph said is true and I'm one of those responsible...

I'm far more likely to answer a handmade question... Vintage or contemporary... Than a machine made. But, due to the general lack of those questions on the ID board, I rarely go there.

Just stopping in here is often a guilty pleasure to avoid work that I'm supposed to be doing!!!

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